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September 21, 2015

The winter months are coming quickly. If you live in a northern community climate, don't let autumn slip away without enjoying bright tree colors. Planning your own color tour can be a great fall activity for seniors and inexpensive if you don't have to travel long distances. Here's how to have a successful day-trip color tour.

  • Plan for weather. You'll need to be flexible in your planning. A rainy day will make the scenery much less enjoyable.
  • Find foliage. There are many ways to find out where the best fall colors are. You can find maps of the best autumn tree colors online through weather sites. Consider calling ahead to local state parks where they often have long stretches of wooded areas that make for good sight-seeing. You can also call small local airports. Pilots of small charter planes fly low to the ground and can tell you where the best color is.
  • Map a loop route. Once you know the general areas you'd like to cover, use Mapquest or Google Maps to plan a route that loops to your starting point.
  • Use a comfortable car. Since you'll be driving awhile, plan to use a car with comfortable seats that seniors can easily get in and out of.
  • Plan stops. You should plan stops with easy to access restrooms.
  • Bring snacks. Bringing snacks for the road is always a good idea.
  • Pack sunglasses. The bright sun on vivid tree colors can be hard on the eyes after awhile. Bring sunglasses to combat the glare.
  • Use your camera. Don't forget to record highlights of your trip!
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