September 21, 2015

Learning from the Seniors in Your Life

Today’s seniors have lived through significant historic events and change – from the Great Depression and World War II to rapid-fire advances in technology and medical science.

Along the way, through times both challenging and prosperous, they have collected a treasure trove of experiences and wisdom that could guide us today and in the future. That is, if we do not let time get away.

We need to create opportunities now, while we can, for seniors to share their life stories with younger generations.

Over time, many seniors do share their experiences, one by one, with family and friends. That is good, but often they are only spoken and not written down or recorded. And many times they are passed along only to immediate family members and not others who may lack strong family ties of their own, thus missing out on chances to swap stories with older adults.

Intergenerational conversations—in a variety of settings—can enrich younger people’s lives while giving seniors precious opportunities to relive their vivid tapestry of experience. As a result, one generation gains new understanding and respect for the other. Plan to use this holiday weekend to learn from the special seniors in your life.

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