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How Eating Together is the Healthier Option

Some seniors may suffer from malnutrition simply because they don’t want to make a meal for just one person, or eat alone. Many seniors have reported that they feel the most lonely when they are eating because they do not have anyone to engage in conversation with during meal time. The easiest way to ensure that your loved one is eating proper meals and staying nourished is to guarantee they are not eating alone.

Why Social Eating Helps

When people eat in a social setting they are more likely to make healthier choices and intake the nutrients that their body needs to stay healthy. Eating alone can stimulate more than malnutrition in seniors, especially if they have spent many years eating with a companion.

Benefits of Eating Together

When seniors eat in a social environment, whether it is with one other person or the whole family, they can see an increase in their physical and mental health. Eating in a social environment provides many benefits for your loved one.

  • They are more likely to make healthier food options. When eating with someone else, they are more likely to eat home cooked meals than already prepared meals.
  • If they suffer from depression, it can decrease. Meal time can be the most depressing part of a senior’s day, since they are likely to eat alone.
  • Eating with someone else can lead to stimulating conversation with others. Conversation reduces the feeling of loneliness among your loved ones.
  • Eating with others can also reduce the risk of malnutrition or weight loss. Because seniors are more likely to eat when they are with others versus being tempted to skip a meal entirely.

Eating Alone?

If you are worried about your aging loved one eating alone and you can’t be there, Comfort Keepers® can help. Our in-home care services can provided your aging loved one with companionship during meals, as well as help with preparing healthy recipes for them to enjoy.

If your loved one is eating alone, or skipping meals to avoid eating alone contact your local Comfort Keepers® today.


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