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Seniors who want to stay in touch with friends & family but don't want to deal with learning the workings of a PC might consider trying an e-mail station. E-mail stations look much like a small laptop with a screen & keyboard but they aren't built with lots of programs or applications. Their purpose is to simply compose and receive e-mail.
Many e-mail stations have settings to view text larger, which can help seniors read and type easier.

Even better news, e-mail stations are far cheaper than a laptop or desktop computer.
Seniors find that learning the e-station is a good compromise for a new generation's demand for tech-savvy. And almost all seniors who start using the e-mail station love how easy it is to keep in touch with friends & family. Having a hard time getting your grandson to reply to your written note? Send him an e-mail. He'll be both surprised & impressed and you'll probably get your reply within minutes.

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