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Kadie has a sixth sense in knowing how to meet the needs of our clients. She quickly adapts to a client’s specific needs and knows how to compassionately convey her professionalism, expertise and dedication in such a way to relieve any fears or uncertainties a client may feel. Her “can do attitude” coupled with her confident and compassionate manner quickly puts clients at ease. Kadie works like clockwork, always loyal, consistent and timely. One year a difficult and demanding family requested Kadie to work and she eagerly accepted the challenge. She knew that this client with Alzheimer’s would greatly benefit from her consistency.

As an excellent cook from her native West African roots, Kadie intrigues clients with her cooking. Recently with an emotionally distressed client, she got her interested in cooking native dishes. Together they would go to the grocery store and search for less common ingredients, and Kadie would patiently suggest to the client what to do as she tried to follow the directions in the recipes. The end result made the client proud of what she had accomplished that day! When asked 7 years ago, “Why should I hire you?” Kadie, with a warm smile and a glitter in her eye, said with her heavy West African accent, “Because I will make you proud. This is what I do… I take care of people… it is my passion.” It was as if the room stood still for that moment. I knew someone very special was sitting in front of me. She has indeed lived up to her words.

Please join us, and her local office, in thanking Kadie for all she does for those in need.

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