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Finding Quality Alzheimer's Care for your Senior Loved One

Learning how to find Alzheimer's care for a loved one in need is as simple as finding a local Comfort Keepers® office. Comfort Keepers is a national network of locally-owned offices staffed with people who are passionate about caring for seniors in their own homes. 

Comfort Keepers® are trained in dementia and Alzheimer's care.  Their training focuses on understanding the challenges that come with these conditions and through this understanding, seeking to calm the senior during times of confusion, agitation, or anxiety using a variety of techniques. This ensures that all seniors are being cared for with techniques designed to keep them comfortable, active, happy, and safe.

Some families wonder how to find Alzheimer's care for seniors who are living independently. If a senior is living independently in his or her own home, Comfort Keepers can design a care program specific to the senior's needs and preferred level of care that suits a family. A Comfort Keepers care consultant will meet with the family and senior loved one and assess the senior's living environment to determine what the best schedule of care might be. Some seniors may prefer to have someone check in with them a few times a week, or they may feel more comfortable having someone there around the clock. Either way, Comfort Keepers can provide the assistance needed to keep the senior safe and happy.

Making the decision to get Alzheimer's care with a senior loved one can be difficult. Sometimes seniors feel as though they are a burden, and they do not want to feel like they need a babysitter, or they may not need someone there at all times. In these situations, Comfort Keepers can provide technology to protect the senior in emergencies, and alert family members if the senior is prone to wandering. Wearing a pendant necklace will allow the senior to get in touch with the monitoring company within seconds after the push of a button. 

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We understand choosing an in-home care provider can be a difficult decision, and we want to make your journey as easy as possible. We're here to support you by providing helpful senior care tips and information on in-home care and senior health and wellbeing topics.

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