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Elder Care Service Providers Assist Those with Dementia

With the growing prevalence of health care options for seniors, more and more seniors opt to live independently in their own homes and receive healthcare from elder care service providers as opposed to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. These seniors range in age, backgrounds, economic statuses and all levels of need. 

One of the most common needs in independent seniors is care for those afflicted with dementia. In fact, according to the U.S. News and World Report, one in seven seniors afflicted with dementia live alone. And these seniors with dementia often require a higher level of assistance and attention.

Elder care service providers step in to fill the needs of seniors with dementia. From part-time to full-time assistance, elder care service providers assist seniors with daily needs, including personal care, cooking, cleaning, shopping and more. A common issue amongst seniors with dementia is the administration of medication. Often times, a senior with dementia may forget to take medications, or may easily stray from a routine or regimen which must be followed in order to receive the full benefits of medication. Elder care service providers assist in this area by ensuring that seniors receive proper medications at the correct times and correct dosages, and help seniors to establish and stick to a routine.

Elder care service providers, such as those at Comfort Keepers®, also assist seniors with dementia by organizing and leading activities including physical exercise, games, social activities, shopping, cooking, gardening and more. These activities that stimulate the mind and bring pleasure to a senior's life are equally as important as receiving proper nutrition or medication. These activities and nurturing companionship help to keep seniors' minds sharp, positive, joyful and active, which are essential in the lives of seniors with dementia. 

Even for the many seniors who live alone with dementia, many options exist to help maintain the independence and comfort that can only be derived by remaining in one's own home. Elder care service providers fill this need, enrich the lives of these seniors, and help to ensure they are safe and sound, and live a high quality of life.

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