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The Journey to Recovery

We can ease your loved one's transition from the hospital or rehabilitation facility to home, which can lead to a better, more comfortable recovery.

The time immediately following release from the hospital is a critical period for recovery. Studies show a lack of proper care and support following surgery or hospitalization can lead to slower recuperation. There's even a possibility of readmission to the hospital due to serious complications. This is why it is so important to have a strong support plan in place before transitioning home.

While family and friends may be eager to help their loved one after a hospital stay, they lack the proper training to meet specific needs. Despite best efforts, they may end up doing more harm than good. Comfort Keepers® caregivers receive expert training to provide care during this important time of recovery. Our services can help make it a smooth, easy transition. The work we do promotes healing, and reduces stress and anxiety during the process.

Understanding Transitioning Care

Our goal is to make the transition from hospital to home as seamless, safe, and as positive as possible. Our caregivers provide the following services:

  • support of the care plan to aid the recovery
  • assistance with household activities and responsibilities, including meal prep, housekeeping, and running errands
  • incidental transportation for follow-up appointments, such as office visits and physical therapy
  • peace of mind for family and friends
  • communication with the medical team, as needed

Having one of our caregivers take care of your loved one as they transition home provides untold peace of mind. The responsibility of your loved one's recovery doesn't have to be yours to bear alone. With us at your side, you'll be able to run to the store, get other work done, and de-stress. Our care reduces both the physical and emotional challenges facing your family as your loved one gets better. Remember, post-surgical care regimens are often demanding. Allow us to be the support system your family needs.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Comfort Keepers offers a range of services for those just returning home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. We understand that no two cases are alike, which is why we offer customizable care plans. Depending on the specific medical needs of a client, we can adapt services to accommodate anything he or she might need. We've developed care regimens for a variety of conditions, including:

Dedicated and dependable, our caregivers are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are ready to provide the greatest amount of care necessary to help ensure your loved one has a speedy, healthy and safe recovery.

Let Comfort Keepers help guide you through the transition process. Our expertise and compassionate care allows each client to focus on what's most important - feeling better. With a personalized Comfort Keepers care plan, we'll work to ensure your loved one has everything he or she needs for a more successful recovery.


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