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Resources to Help Seniors Shelter in Place

Note: Many suppliers and businesses have COVID-19 safety protocols. We recommend seniors reach out to anyone they order from to ensure they are comfortable with the measures in place.

Resources for Low Income Seniors
For seniors who need help during this uncertain time, there are national resources available. Families should see what local organizations can do to help too! Communities are coming together, grocery and retail stores have special senior hours, and neighbors are willing to lend a hand.
Grocery Shopping for Seniors
For seniors avoiding crowded grocery stores and long lines, there are several grocery delivery options. Seniors can shop in an online market or send their order to someone that will shop and ask questions as they go.
Video Chat Resources
Seeing the beautiful faces of friends and family is important – even when social isolating. Staying in touch through video has never been easier, and there are free tools available.
Online Games
Play favorite games online for free. From memory and brain games for elderly to card games and fun word puzzles, there are many easy and free games for the elderly to play safely at home.
Zoo & National Park Virtual Tours
Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with five national parks in the U.S. so people can enjoy the beauty of the natural world while sitting safely on their couch. Additionally, some zoos and major attractions are sharing live video feeds to enjoy from home.
Art Museum Virtual Tours
Online Fitness Classes
For seniors who have been approved for exercise and activity, fitness doesn’t have to stop when the gym closes. Some fitness facilities are offering free classes, and others are moving their services online temporarily.
Streaming Radio and TV
For seniors who love music or have favorite radio programs, streaming services provide hours of entertainment. Listening to music makes any activity more fun, and there is enough variety to sing and dance the days away!
Music & Theater Performances Online
For seniors who miss live theater and music, there are online sources that are helping keep everyone entertained.
Food Delivery & Meal Prep Kits
With the touch of a button, seniors can get fully cooked meals delivered to home. Food delivery services offer everything from full menus to choices that include all the favorite restaurants. Exploring all the delicious options available in a local area can be fun too!
Pet Care and Supplies
With retail stores changing their hours, it may be easier to order pet food and supplies online. Also, don’t forget daily walks for senior’s furry friends!

Download Coronavirus Resources

Download File