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Why Your Family May Need Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in York, Pennsylvania.

Comfort Keepers offers Home Care Services in Mechanicsburg, York and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. 

Signs That Seniors Might Need Home Care

It is often extremely for relatives to acknowledge that their senior friends and family need to consider in home care. But a Comfort Keeper or caregiver can enormously improve the quality of life and general well-being of your senior parent or loved one and help them with remaining independent in their own home. 

If you observe or note any of these signs in your parent, spouse or loved one – it might be the time to start considering or talking about home care.

Social Isolation

Seniors need to get out of the house occasionally (or more than that!) and socialize with their peers and others.  If you notice that your loved one is staying in their home more frequently or secludes themselves, this might the for you to sit down to chat with them and start to consider some in home companion care. One of the signs of illness can be isolation, many seniors will withdraw from human interaction when they are feeling ill or lonely. A Comfort Keepers senior home care provider can help with this and provide your cherished one some much needed companionship.

Chaotic or Disorganized Home

If you visit your loved one's home and you notice that the trash can is full, dirty clothing is laying around the floor or in hamper is overflowing, or dirty fill the sink, your senior may be battling to stay on top of the housekeeping. This is not only a sign of depression but can also signal mobility issues. When this occurs on a regular basis and continues – the senior quite likely is unable to keep up with the housekeeping and is no longer really enjoying their home – when they should be!

Increase Forgetfulness or Absentmindedness

If seem that your senior seems to forget things more and more, this is also a sign that they may need some assistance. Forgetting something once in while is part of growing older, however, when your senior begins to forget basic tasks or how to do something they previously did on a regular basis or even forgetting to take their prescriptions or their doctors appoints this is a signal that it may be time to consider home care or talking to a senior care advisor.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a classic sign depression and may also be indicative of other issues in your senior. If they go a long time without brushing their hair or teeth, this could also be a signal that they need some ADL or general assistance in their home. In some cases, the explanation for this is actually absent mindedness but other times it way me a sign of an undiagnosed or not readily apparent physical or medical condition. Whatever the cause, a qualified home care provider can help.

How Can Home Care Help?

Comfort Keepers home care for seniors in Mechanicsburg and York, PA can give seniors the help and companionship they need to live comfortably and safely at home. Our caregivers and companions help with housework, grocery shopping, checking the mail and other daily tasks. Basically, we help your senior get things done while providing a loving and nurturing presence in their home.

Our caregivers also assist seniors with fending off isolation and helping them get out to socialize by accompanying them to the hairdresser, taking a day drive or just visiting some the great local attractions like the Liberty Forge Arboretum or one of the many fun museums in the York area.

If you have a senior loved one in Mechanicsburg, York, New Cumberland or the surrounding areas that can benefit from some home care or help with ADLs call us today to talk with one of our senior care specialists.