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Post Hospital Care in Springfield, PA

Helping your loved one recover and bridge the gap between hospital and home

Everyone in your family is eagerly awaiting the day your elderly loved one is released from the hospital. However, once they come home it will be your job to provide the post hospital care services they need.

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Providing Care Is Challenging

As soon as your elderly loved one comes home, the real work of providing the support they desperately need will fall squarely on your shoulders. But it's not a task you should take on by yourself. You will need the help of your family, their doctor, and a Comfort Keepers caregiver to ensure they enjoy a speedy recovery.

Before going any further, did you know that:

When it comes to providing an elderly loved one with care during their recovery is much harder than most people think, In fact, if you don't plan ahead and make sure everything is ready, you can quickly become overwhelmed. This is the perfect opportunity for a Comfort Keepers caregiver to jump in and provide you and your loved one with some much-needed assistance.

Ready to Help – That's Our Caregivers' Motto

While your Comfort Keepers caregiver is primarily there to help you provide your loved one with post hospital care services, they also offer a variety of services aimed at helping keep everything going. These services include:

  • Companionship and emotional support throughout their recovery journey
  • Personal care services including bathing, grooming, mobility assistance, incontinence support, etc.)
  • Homemaking services (decluttering, light house cleaning, laundry, dishes, meal planning & cooking, etc.)
  • Continuous monitoring of health and maintaining communication between the family, doctors, rehabilitation specialist, etc.
  • Transportation to appointments and taking care of numerous errands.

Return Trips to the Hospital Are Common

During the first 180 days after your loved one comes home; they have the highest chance of returning to the hospital for more care. Among the many reasons for this are:

  • Severity and Type of Medical Condition – covering those who are in the late stages of a medical condition or suffering from a chronic condition such as heart disease or Alzheimer's.
  • Medications – concerning the taking of new medication that causes adverse side effects and those who do not take their medication as instructed, resulting in adverse side effects.
  • Limited Access to Appropriate Post Hospital Care– covering those with limited transportation to their appointments, picking up needed medications, and have the daily support they need.
  • Secondary Diagnoses – covering those patients who develop a medical condition or display severe symptoms not seen during their hospitalization.
  • Lack of Education by Medical Team – covers those who did not receive the proper transition home care education by the patient's medical care team before they come home.

Make Note of Everything

During your loved one's stay in the hospital, their medical care team made careful and detailed notes of every treatment, medication, and vital sign taken. This valuable information is notated in their medical record, something you should obtain a copy of. However, once they return home, the onus is on you to continue recording this information as part of your post hospital care plan. If you are not sure how to do this, our caregiver can help. Your records must include:

  • Contact information, including caregivers and emergency contacts.
  • A record of all medications, when they need to be taken and the correct dosage.
  • A schedule that includes all family caregivers, when they will be there and what they need to do.
  • A list of appointments, what was discussed and what, if anything was done.

The more information you can provide their doctor when you need to call them, the easier it will be for them to make sure your loved one is recovering successfully.

A Safe House

Part of your loved one's care is to make sure your home is ready to receive them once they have been discharged. You need to:

  • Be sure the house is clean and disinfected eliminating allergens and bacteria.
  • Be sure furniture is arranged to make room for any mobility equipment.
  • Place items that are used daily within easy reach.
  • Install any needed safety equipment.
  • Introduce your loved one to their provider before they are discharged.
  • Create a care plan schedule that lets your loved one know who will be with them and when.

If you are interested in having a caregiver assist with your loved one's post hospital care, contact us online, Comfort Keepers of Springfield, PA at (610) 563-2968 and schedule your free care consultation today!

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