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Dehydration & Appetite Loss

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Peoria, Illinois.

Comfort Keepers providers Elderly Home Assistance Services in Peoria, IL

Elderly home assistance can prevent dehydration for seniors in Peoria, IL, and those in the surrounding area

Dehydration is a very common problem among seniors, especially seniors in Peoria who have to deal with very cold winters and very hot summers. Both temperature extremes can lead seniors to be dehydrated if they are not careful to drink plenty of water. Seniors can become malnourished too, because they might not eat regularly. If the weather is cold and snowy they may not be able to physically get to Jewel or another store to get the food they need. And in the summer it can be too hot for them to be outdoors for long. Elderly home assistance providers will ensure that your senior loved one gets enough water and eats plenty of healthy food.

Dehydration can become a very serious medical problem for seniors. And most seniors are affected by dehydration at some point either due to not drinking water when they need to, having trouble gripping water bottles and cups, or due to the side effects of medications that they take for health problems.

How Home Care Can Help Peoria Seniors

Elderly home assistance providers can keep careful logs of what seniors eat and drink and how often they eat and drink. That’s important because any changes in their appetite or drinking habits could mean that they are facing a health issue. So having a caregiver taking notes about their diet and drinking habits could be very helpful when your senior loved one needs to see the doctor.

An elderly home assistance specialist can also make sure that your senior is getting enough to drink by reminding them to drink water often throughout the day and making sure that there are plenty of easy to grip water bottles and cups in the refrigerator filled with cool clean water to make drinking more enticing to your loved one. And your senior loved one is much more likely to eat their favorite meals when they have an elderly home assistance provider to cook with and eat with. Then the home health aide can clean up after the meal so that your loved one doesn’t have to struggle to clean a sink full of pans and dirty dishes.

If you have a senior parent or loved one in Peoria, IL and you’re worried about them becoming dehydrated or malnourished call us today to find out more about the many ways that elderly home assistance can help your loved one be safe and healthy at home when you can’t be there to look out for them. 

Contact us online or call us at (309) 685-7777 to learn more about our elderly home assistance services in Peoria, IL.