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Home Health Care & Interactive Caregiving™ in Southern Milwaukee & Grafton

Discover a personalized approach to caregiving and home health care with Comfort Keepers of Southern Milwaukee and Grafton

“Use it or lose it.” It’s a common expression, but one that we take to heart at Comfort Keepers® Milwaukee and Grafton. We recognize that in-home care and home health care are an important source of social interaction for your loved one, and we design our care plans to transform daily caregiving into opportunities that boost your loved one’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. We call this approach Interactive Caregiving™.

Why Does Interactive Caregiving Matter? 

As we age, we tend to become less active – both socially and physically. Many home health care experts suggest that staying engaged in later years can have a positive impact on overall health and mental alertness. In fact, a study by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago found that cognitive decline was 70 percent lower in people with high social activity levels.

While your loved one may have health issues that have led to a less active lifestyle, our distinctive approach to caregiving allows us to weave meaningful activities into each day, supporting a greater sense of connection and well-being in your loved one.

Comfort Keepers® of Milwaukee and Grafton, Wisconsin, designs Interactive Caregiving plans that take into account your loved one’s personality, unique interests, health, and abilities. A Comfort Keeper® will engage your loved one in pleasurable activities to enrich his or her life, such as:

  • Helping to prepare a meal
  • Looking through photo albums and sharing memories
  • Taking part in a craft class
  • Walking around the neighborhood
  • Singing along with a favorite tune
  • Playing a board game or making a puzzle
  • Discussing topics of interest
  • Simply enjoying some sun in the garden

Of course, Comfort Keepers home health care can also help manage day-to-day personal care needs, like bathing, dressing, and feeding, or household chores like light cleaning or cooking, so that you have the opportunity to take time out to recharge your own batteries with confidence. The multi-faceted approach to care that Comfort Keepers of Milwaukee and Grafton utilizes ensures that your loved one is receiving all of the necessities for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling quality of life in spite of his or her age- or health-related infirmities.

Learn how Interactive Caregiving can enrich the life of your loved one. Contact Comfort Keepers of Southern Milwaukee & Grafton by email or call (414) 209-5808 to arrange a consultation. 

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