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Why Comfort Keepers and Not Other At Home Healthcare Agencies?

We are the experts in Senior Care in Sarasota, FL

“I’ve always searched for ways to serve my community, and I saw a huge need for seniors to be able to remain in their homes securely. I really love the feeling of seeing a client happy and knowing that their family can have peace of mind.”

Michael Jones, Certified Senior Advisor & Owner of Comfort Keepers

Michael has been driven to protect those he cares for since early childhood when his father passed away. At the ripe old age of seven Michael viewed himself as the head of the household with all of the responsibilities that entails. As he grew up this passion for his family developed into a passion for helping others and this sense of purpose has guided his career. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP, CLU, ChFC,) he spent 15 years helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams. Additionally he obtained his (CDP) making him a Certified Dementia Practioner.

When Michael moved to Florida to be closer to his aging mother in 2000, he recognized that today’s seniors can be best served by enabling them to live with dignity and in their own homes. In this, Michael has found his true calling. In 2000, he set out to build a business assisting people with their hopes and dreams using the principal of enabling seniors to age in place. Michael’s beliefs, ethics and standards led him, along with his wife Charlotte Jones, RN, MS, BSN, CDP, CADDCT, to start the Comfort Keepers franchise in Sarasota, Florida. Comfort Keepers is one of the largest at home health care agencies in the U.S. and the name Comfort Keepers has become synonymous with personalized, professional care.

Over the last 16 years Michael has worked tirelessly to lead and guide the growth and development of his Comfort Keepers franchise with his Florida home healthcare agencies. Celebrating their 16th year, Michael Jones’ Comfort Keepers now has three locations: Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice, and has helped thousands of our community’s seniors along the way. He and Charlotte have also expanded the Sarasota location to include special caregiver training and education facilities producing what is unquestionably the absolute highest possible level of care available in Sarasota for their Comfort Keepers clients. “I’ve always searched for ways to serve my community, and I saw a huge need for seniors to be able to remain in their homes securely. I really love the feeling of seeing a client happy and knowing that their family can have peace of mind.” Michael says about the work he does. Michael feels the success of his company is directly related to his ultra-sensitive hiring practices. “We are highly selective and absolutely will not hire anyone we would not send to our own family."

This has enabled them to be winners in the Best of Home Care in Sarasota Magazine for the last 4 years and a People’s Choice winner in the Herald Tribune this year.

Michael takes an active role in advocating for seniors. He is a Founding member of the State board for the Homecare Association lobbying for senior rights. He is a two term past president of the Sarasota County Aging Network and currently the serves as the Treasurer providing funds for senior driven organizations. He hosts his own TV talk show weekly on SNN called Thriving on the Suncoast where he loves to bring education to boomers and beyond for protecting their health and wealth.

He writes educational columns monthly in local papers stressing information to make life better for seniors. Locally he heads up the Feeding Seniors Now drive raising awareness on senior hunger and nutrition. His wife is an RN and a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner and together they focus on training their staff on the special talents it takes to work with our dementia clients. They are also strong supporters of the Alzheimer’s Association. “My children were in strollers when we started taking part in the Alzheimer’s walk for a cure, now they drive themselves to the walk.” Michael says. Michael is also a member of the National Adult Protective Services Association and a highly sought speaker to groups on Scams and Frauds, teaching seniors how to protect themselves and how to hire the right home healthcare help.

In 2002 Michael attained his Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designation, and more recently his Certified Dementia Practitioner designation. With his knowledge he is able to be a great resource and is a highly sought after speaker by many organizations in the community.


Why is a "Comfort Keeper®" Better Than Just A Caregiver?

There are plenty of people who can become a caregiver; only a select few can achieve the status of becoming a Comfort Keeper®.

We believe you and your loved ones deserve nothing less than the most compassionate, capable, and educated of care providers for your homecare needs. A Comfort Keeper® is more than just a caregiver. In fact, only 1 in 30 caregivers who call us for employment actually become a Comfort Keeper®.

Rather than the state requirements most at home healthcare agencies use we go much further with extensive background research which includes credit checks, nationwide and local criminal checks, driving checks, comprehensive employment checks, and drug testing. Our rigorous screening process is only the beginning. Each individual selected to be part of our team receives both CPR and Alzheimer’s training. In addition, they are required to undergo thorough caregiver training that is second to none. After we have covered their foundation training our Comfort Keepers® are then trained in Interactive Caregiving™. Comfort Keepers has formalized and developed this program and we consider this knowledge to be a critical aspect of care. An interactive caregiver understands the importance of interacting with seniors in physical, mental and social activities thereby cultivating mental vitality and emotional well-being.

To ensure that our unsurpassed quality of care is maintained over the span of a Comfort Keeper’s® employment, Comfort Keepers conducts annual caregiving skill evaluations as well as annual background checks and random drug testing. Our ongoing training and education program is headed up by Co-Owner, Charlotte Jones, RN, MS, BSN, CDP, CADDCT, a Certified Dementia Practitioner who works tirelessly to ensure each individual Comfort Keeper® receives the most comprehensive training available. Her contribution is one of the many reasons Comfort Keepers Sarasota can give it's clients the highest level of in-home care available in Sarasota.

As critical as it is to know how to do the job, knowing the job just isn’t quite enough. Our Comfort Keepers® are exceptional because each one must pass not only our psychological behavioral survey, but also what we call the “lovability test.” We hold our employees to the highest possible competency standards, but if we don’t sense a warm, “teddy-bear” heart, they’re not employed by Comfort Keepers. We only accept the most caring, compassionate people to work for our organization. This makes us unique and a better choice for you or your loved one. There are plenty of people who can become a caregiver; only a select few can achieve the status of becoming a Comfort Keeper®.

We only hire our caregivers as employees and never as independent contractors. This important, and somewhat unique, approach offers the ultimate peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones. People don't realize the potentially huge liabilities and costs they take on with people in their homes that are not direct employees of the company. (20 Questions to Ask Potential Caregivers) Comfort Keepers supervises bonds, insures, and provides Workman’s Compensation for our employees. We take care of the payroll taxes so you will not become the “accidental employer”. Comfort Keepers eliminates the worries of possible unforeseen tax penalties and legal fees that can arise if you select an independent contractor to provide homecare.

Consistency of Care is our goal. It can be frustrating having a revolving door of caregivers. We understand having the same caregivers is key to having a good relationship. Our Comfort Keepers are long-term. Comfort Keepers has been here for 15 years and so have many of our employees. We are proud that we have secured individuals who have made a career out of caring for you and your loved ones as a Comfort Keeper®. (Hear from some of our Comfort Keepers®)

Our comprehensive approach to hiring and employing the very best our community has to offer is quite simply head and shoulders above other home healthcare agencies in the Sarasota, FL area.


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We Set the Standard for At Home Healthcare Agencies in Sarasota

Comfort Keepers knows that every client is a unique individual with unique care needs and situations. Quality home care assessments by Care Managers are the key. We design a plan of care tailored to each individual client’s needs and situation that can change as their needs change. Our Case Manager's regular visits ensure we keep up with our clients' changing needs. We take the time to get to know the individual’s personality and interests so we can match our Comfort Keepers® accordingly. Furthermore, we develop each client’s program to help them to be mentally and physically challenged at a level just right for them.

Comfort Keepers adjusts to your schedule. We know that flexibility is best for our clients, so whether it is a few hours a week, 24/7 care, or anything in between Comfort Keepers can meet your needs. Our Administration receives constant feedback from our Comfort Keepers® and we keep all parties informed of any possible concerns of any mental or physical changes.

Our homecare professionals are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Every time you contact us, even after regular business hours, you will always reach a live person. This insures that you will always receive quality information no matter when you call.

Comfort Keepers ensures you or your loved one have consistency of the absolute highest level of care by providing on-going reassessment of each client.
Care tailored to your specific needs and personality is the best care because it is designed specifically for you!



Experts in Home Care Technology

Comfort Keepers understands the importance of respecting the independence of a loved one while minimizing the risks of difficulties and injuries. We are also experts in home care technology. We offer a full line of high-quality, dependable products you can trust to keep your loved one safe at home. Seniors living at home alone face many risks. A fall could happen at any time, and medication could be missed, or overdosed. For those with dementia, there are concerns with wandering off or engaging in an activity that can put them in harm's way. We provide solutions like emergency buttons and medication dispensers to fill in the gaps of care when a caregiver isn't there. Find out how we can help.



Whatever your home care needs are, we are here to help you get the highest quality care available. If you have questions or wish to schedule a consultation please call us at (941) 921 4747 or CLICK HERE to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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