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Starting the Conversation

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Starting The Homecare Assistance Conversation in Waukesha, WI, and surrounding areas

Comfort Keepers Present How To Begin the Homecare Assistance Conversation 

Talking about home care assistance with your loved one isn’t an easy discussion to have. It can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary. Planning ahead is crucial. Several factors should be considered before you start the conversation which will affect the whole family.


Don’t wait too long. It’s best to have the home care assistance conversation while your loved one is still healthy and independent. This way they can be fully included in the decision making. Your parents can say what kind of care they would prefer, so when the time comes they won’t feel like they had no control over the situation.


Don’t have this talk in a public place. You should have the home care assistance conversation somewhere private where your loved senior feels comfortable and secure. Their home is always the safest option.

The leader

One family member should be the leader while others are there for support. If you all talk at the same time your loved one will feel like you are ganging upon them. Have a pre-talk about home care assistance with your family members and decide who should lead the conversation. That person should be very informed about the health care possibilities so they can answer all of the questions a senior might have.


If all of the closest family members show up, your loved one will know you care about them and that this conversation is in their best interest. They will feel loved and protected. Choose a time when everyone is available to show up.


If you are planning this conversation with your loved one, feel free to contact Comfort Keepers of Waukesha, WI, at (414) 209-5808. We will gladly answer all of your questions and help you be prepared for this important talk. Our staff is available 24/7. Call us today and find out anything you want about senior home care options.