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Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

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Experts in Elderly Care Services for Ogden, UT, and surrounding areas

Comfort Keepers of Ogden, UT, provides elderly care solutions for seniors with mobility issues

Comfort Keepers of Ogden, UT, are local professional caregivers for elderly care solutions. We cater to the growing demand in elderly home care in and around this great city. Mobility problems can have serious consequences for seniors—sometimes with a dramatic effect on their quality of life.

Our professional Comfort Keepers can do for seniors what they can no longer do for themselves. Whether a client needs help moving around or assistance with transferring and positioning, we have solutions. Comfort Keepers provide vital senior support services in all areas of immobility.

Today falls make up two-thirds of senior accidents in the home. Sometimes an elderly person takes a fall and becomes less mobile because of it. Others may tumble because they already have mobility issues and are unsteady on their feet. Either way, anyone who has trouble moving around their home can rely on us to make things better, and safer.

Mobility Assistance with Elderly Home Care Services 

Although some elderly people have lost most of their mobility, many others just become more inflexible than they used to be. In the latter case, our Comfort Keepers elderly care will work with clients to build and maintain the mobility they still have. When it comes to exercise, our professional caregivers know how to strike the perfect balance. Our tailored Interactive Caregiving™ approach for elderly home care is unique. It provides a fun and engaging way to get clients up and moving as much as possible.

Activities may come in the form of low-impact exercises, including gentle strolls with the caregiver where possible. We customize the approach to elderly care mobility on a case by case basis. This personal style offers real incentives for clients.

The four areas that help our seniors to maintain optimal physical health include:

  1. Endurance activities: where possible
  2. Gentle strengthening exercises
  3. Stretching exercises: an essential activity for your loved ones with elderly home care solutions
  4. Balance exercises

Transferring & Positioning Solutions

Not all seniors have mobility, and some are even bed-bound at home. In these cases, we take care of their safety, keep them clean, and make them comfortable. Our trained caregivers know how to move immobile seniors in the safest possible way. They also know the importance of proper posture positioning in chairs and beds to ensure proper elderly care.

The benefits of correct transferring and positioning can result in:

  • Eliminates pressure from sensitive areas
  • Reduce or prevent muscles from becoming weakened and stiff
  • Promotes better breathing
  • Improves digestion
  • Lifts the mood of the care recipient

Our mobility assistance along with transferring & positioning plans helps our seniors to live more fruitful and independent lives at home. Contact us for more details. We can arrange free consultation in-home care options for you or a loved one. You can reach Comfort Keepers of Ogden, UT, at (801) 383-2182 to learn more about our elderly care solutions.