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Call (346) 202-7209 | 13831 Northwest Fwy #403, Houston, Texas 77040 Coronavirus update
13831 Northwest Fwy #403, Houston, Texas 77040 Coronavirus update

Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

Landline Systems

The SafetyChoice Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is a medical alarm that offers immediate response in the first critical moments of an emergency with hands-free, two-way communication. By wearing a water-resistant pendant as a necklace or a wristband, help is simply a push of the button away! Pendant has range up to 300 ft from console unit.

When you are in need of assistance, simply press your button and a caring, well-trained Care Representative will talk with you through a two-way speaker box from the console unit. This device requires an active landline phone line to connect to. Most importantly, the Care Representative will call for appropriate help – family, friend, or ambulance – and stay in communication with you until help arrives

  • Personal Emergency Response System G4000

    Personal Emergency Response System G4000

    An affordable medical alert option for seniors and their families

    The SafetyChoice® Personal Emergency Response System G4000 is an affordable medical alert console that can preserve the independence of seniors while offering an immediate response in the first critical moments of an emergency with hands-free, two-way communication. It works with the auto fall sensor accessory.

    The system operates with a rechargeable back-up battery in the event of a power failure. It also sends a warning signal for a low battery. Comfort Keepers®, and whomever you wish, will be notified of emergency alerts, and alert activity reports are made available to help keep health care providers informed.


    • The built-in speakerphone allows hands-free, two-way voice communication within seconds after pendant is activated.
    • Visual and audible alarm indicators are perfect for both hearing and visually impaired users.
    • A rechargeable backup battery and warning signals for low battery power help make sure the system is always functioning.
    • The lightweight, waterproof button on pendant is convenient and easy to use.
    • Friendly, caring, well-trained professionals provide outstanding service when a user contacts the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station.
    • The system provides a transmission range of 200 feet, depending on structural variances.

    Auto fall sensor

    Sudden falls can have serious consequences, and not everyone can push a button after falling. Now with the SafetyChoice auto fall sensor, seniors at risk of falling can confidently preserve their independence knowing that help will be notified automatically and will respond to their immediate need even when they are unable to call for help.

    The SafetyChoice auto fall sensor works with the SafetyChoice G4000 Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). The lightweight, easy-to-wear, water-resistant pendant contains a sensor designed to detect a rapid movement toward the ground or a sudden impact.

  • Personal Emergency Response System Caregiver Connect

    Personal Emergency Response System LM5000 with 2-Way Voice Pendant

    Perfect for active seniors, both inside and outdoors

    The SafetyChoice® PERS Caregiver Connect with 2-way voice pendant is great for active seniors looking for monitoring inside and outside of their homes. The pendant range offers security on the opposite side of the home, or in the driveway, or yard. The microphone and speaker in the pendant provide crisp, clear alerts in the palm of a hand.

    The 2-way voice pendant is designed to offer security at the touch a button. Upon activation, a well-trained care representative will immediately answer the signal and stay on the line until help arrives.


    • A smart choice for active seniors with larger homes, this unit provides extended 500-foot range and lifestyle flexibility.
    • Users can choose to wear it as a pendant, bracelet, or belt clip.
    • The help button is wireless and water resistant, and can be used outdoors within range of the console.
    • The base unit has a rechargeable backup battery for use in the event of a power outage, and contains a separate compartment to charge a spare (included) pendant battery with four to six months of battery time.
    • The rechargeable, water-resistant pendant offers six-plus months of battery time.
    • The blue emergency button is easily visible in case of emergency.
    • A system test button on back of unit makes it easy to confirm proper functioning.

Home Safety Assessment

Comfort Keepers® can provide an in-home assessment to evaluate your safety needs and recommend the right medical alert products. Comfort Keepers will visit the home, work with the family to determine the specific needs, and demonstrate how these home medical alert devices can help seniors stay safe and independent at home.

Contact your local Comfort Keepers office.