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13831 Northwest Fwy #403, Houston, Texas 77040 Coronavirus update

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Professional At Home Care for Seniors in Houston, TX

Comfort Keepers is here to help seniors keep their independence with our at home care services

You may be in a time of your life where you are considering professional at home care. This is a difficult time, but, going forward, it will help to understand that having a caregiver around will help you live better. It is not an admission of defeat or a sign that you are no longer capable of maintaining your independence. Quite on the contrary, having a caregiver around will help you continue to be independent, but you will never have to compromise your safety. This means you will be free to live as you want, with an improved quality of life overall.   

There are many signs that it may be time for in-home assisted living services. Of course, they are different for everyone. Some of the most common include when seniors have trouble getting in and out of bed, or when they push of laundry and housework because they are too sore or generally do not feel good. Other seniors do not eat proper meals that are prepared by hand and instead chose microwaveable insta-meals. If you are recognizing some of yourself in these examples, it may be time for at home care. We understand this is a difficult time for you, but there is always room for joy. Getting the help you need throughout the day will mean that you will have time to focus on things to truly enjoy, whatever they may be.

At Comfort Keepers, our at home care professionals help seniors with the following:

  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Washing and grooming their hair
  • Incontinence care
  • Toileting and mobility
  • Other services as well

A lot of the time, our clients will need us to help out around the house. We call this general housekeeping and it includes a wide range of services. Light housecleaning is one and includes:

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping of floors
  • Dusting
  • Kitchen and bathroom upkeep

At the same time, our caregivers are available to do laundry and prepare nutritious meals. Your caregiver can also go grocery and household shopping for you and run any errands you may have. You can also accompany them, making sure you are staying as active as possible throughout the day. 

In Houston, TX, we also offer a number of specialized services like dementia and Alzheimer's disease care, transitioning care, and respite care. We are also available for just a few hours a week to 24 hour care. To find out more, please give our friendly representatives a call today at (346) 246-4900!