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Dealing With Grief and Loneliness

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in McKinney, Texas.

Comfort Keepers Offers Professional Home Care Services in McKinney and Allen, TX and the Surrounding Areas to Help with Grief

Professional Home Care Can Help Seniors Struggling With Depression And Grief in McKinney and Allen, TX and the Surrounding Areas.

Depression and grief are health problems that millions of seniors struggle with. The loss of friends and loved ones as well the loss of their health as they get older can put seniors into a deep depression and they can struggle with the symptoms of depression and grief. Professional home care can help seniors take care of themselves while they come to terms with their feelings of depression and grief.

It’s important to let your loved one know that grief is normal, and if they are struggling with depression that they aren’t expected to just “get over it”. Depression can cause physical and mental pain and grief is a very real condition. Professional home care specialist can help seniors deal with these conditions by taking care of chores and tasks that seniors are not able to do like housekeeping, laundry, shopping, and cooking.

Understanding the Stages of Grief

While there have been hundreds of books written by psychologists about the stages of grief, the common missing chapter is the reality that these stages are not similar for everyone. In fact, most people deal with grief on their own terms and based on their own ability to express emotions. However, there are several stages that most people will go through. When you recognize them before they occur, you’ll be prepared to handle each stage.

  • Shock and Numbness: The initial stage of grief happens when we first learn of the loss of a loved one and can last a few days or up to several months.
  • Denial: This happens when we refuse to acknowledge and accept the loss of a loved one.
  • Emotional Release: Once we’ve come to terms that they have passed, it’s common to have an overwhelming amount of sadness, bouts of crying that can occur at unexpected times.
  • Anxiety & Disorganization: The fourth stage often comes with confusion, or the inability to concentrate. It can cause feelings of panic and extra anxiety.
  • Memory Flashbacks: This is arguably one of the hardest stages when you suddenly remember the good and bad times.
  • Loneliness and Depression: A period of loss of interest, sadness and general depression can occur frequently during periods of grief.
  • Anger and Resentment: When you are upset, frustrated, and tired, it’s common for people to feel angry at family, friends, doctors and even the recently deceased.
  • Recovery and Acceptance: The final stage is the recovery stage where you return to normal life. Acceptance doesn’t mean you need to forget about your loved one, instead, you no longer feel overwhelmingly sad about their loss.

Realize that there are Ways to Cope And a Professional Home Care Giver Can Help

The best way to cope with grief and loneliness is to embrace help when it’s offered. Whether it’s in the form of a professional home care specialist, support groups, personal therapy, or talking to loved ones and close friends, finding something that works for you is the best way to cope. These tips may offer comfort care for seniors in dealing with loss:

  • Focus on the positive things in your life.
  • Recognize if you’re powerless to help yourself and seek out professional assistance.
  • Keep a journal and write down or record your thoughts vocally through a video or audio recording device.
  • Give yourself permission to be imperfect, upset and deal with each phase of grief on your terms.
  • See a doctor or other professional if you need help coping during any phase of grief.

Losing a loved one is never a pleasant experience, and it’s OK to feel sad, lonely, and even guilty. By following these steps, seniors in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, TX & the surrounding areas can work through their grief and manage their symptoms of depression.

If you are having difficulty with your emotions at any time, please seek help from a professional. If you are worried about a parent or senior loved one in McKinney, TX who could use some help call us today to find out more about how a professional home care specialist can provide the support your loved one needs. 

To learn more about our care services today, contact us or call (972) 347-0221 for more information.