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Senior Mind

Strengthening the Senior Mind with Seniorcare in Nashville

How seniorcare can help cognitive abilities in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas

The aging process impacts all parts of the body: physical, emotional, mental, and social changes take place throughout an individual’s golden years. There are ways to help keep bodies, minds, and hearts healthy, and the seniorcare specialists at Comfort Keepers in Nashville, TN are dedicated to increasing the quality of life for each of our clients.

When you and your aging loved one work with Comfort Keepers, you’ll collaborate with us to build a care plan that addresses any concerns you have about your aging loved one’s health. The care plan will incorporate habits and activities that encourage health in every area, including cognitive health.

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Did you know that lifestyle plays a big role in determining ongoing mental health? Just like regular physical activity can help keep your body healthy, regular mental activity (like problem-solving, creating or crafting, and socializing) can help keep your mind healthy. That’s why your seniorcare provider will identify areas of interest for your aging loved one and incorporate activities that will help your loved one keep an active mind.

Common activities to sharpen the mind

  • Crafting, sewing, or artistic hobbies. These activities ask our brains to perform fine motor functions, provide focus and follow-through, and envision each stage of the creative process.
  • Board games, puzzles, or card games. These activities are both familiar and complex. They encourage our brains to strategize and problem solve, and also invoke memories and social skills.
  • Trips to local attractions. Your in home care provider can help your aging loved one access walking trails and parks, libraries, museums, monuments, and community activities like parades and holiday celebrations. All of these attractions provide something new to learn, a new environment to interact with, and opportunities to socialize, explore, and enjoy the community.

Comfort Keepers can also provide specialized seniorcare for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other cognitive diseases. We assist these clients with everyday activities, establishing the habits that make healthy daily routines feel familiar and easier to remember. Medication reminders, assistance in light housekeeping, and reminders to follow dietary restrictions and eat healthy meals are just part of the services we offer.

You can learn more about the variety of seniorcare services offered by Comfort Keepers by contacting our Nashville agency at (615) 219-5126.