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909 St Joseph St #203, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701 Coronavirus update

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Assisted Living Transportation Services for Seniors in the Rapid City, SD Area

Reliable assisted living and incidental transportation for seniors in Rapid City, SD

When a senior doesn’t have assisted living options available, they are likely to have challenges with getting where they need to go. This is mainly due to the fact that many seniors no longer have the ability to drive, and just as many have physical or mobility-related challenges getting in their way. Fortunately, there are ways we can help. Comfort Keepers in Rapid City, SD has a compassionate caregiver available now to assist your loved one with all of their mobility and transportation needs.

Getting Your Loved One Safely Where They Need to Go

One of the biggest benefits a senior can get from assisted living is increased independence. Because many seniors have issues with mobility, it can be difficult to leave their homes. If they live in a rural area or anywhere else isolated from senior care services, it can make it almost impossible to get where they want to go. Fortunately, with one of our caregivers assisting them, they will have someone there with them every step of the way. Their care provider can help them sit, stand, and walk safely as well as help prevent dangerous falls.

Another benefit is the way living assistance can help a senior’s confidence. When a senior feels isolated for any length of time, or when they suffer a dangerous fall, he or she develops anxiety towards leaving their home. Over time this can lead to depression and can even worsen existing medical conditions. But, with a home aide there to look out for them, many seniors feel more confident in leaving their homes, as well as reduced feelings of isolation.

Another way specialists can help seniors with feelings of isolation is with incidental transportation services. All of our home care aides are licensed drivers and are available to take your beloved senior wherever they need to go. Whether they have an appointment with their doctor, or they need to grocery shopping, we can help. We can even provide transportation to fun activities and events at places like the local Senior Center, so your loved one can spend quality time with their friends and peers.

Additionally, a caregiver can arrive early to help them prepare to leave their home, as well as accompany them to their appointments or activities and act as an activity partner or support. For more information about our transportation services, or the other assisted living options we provide, please call our office now at (605) 277-1870.

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