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A Comfort Keepers Home Health Aide Can Provide Dignified Incontinence Care For Seniors in Rapid City, SD

A home health aide can help your loved one in Rapid City, SD, and the surrounding areas

Incontinence is described as a loss of bladder or sphincter control resulting in involuntary elimination. It is a common and very embarrassing problem for many aging adults. Though incontinence typically occurs as people get older, it is by no means an inevitable part of aging. In most cases, incontinence is easily treatable and requires simple lifestyle changes or medical treatment to prevent the issue.

Easily Tackling an Embarrassing Problem

Understandably, most seniors are embarrassed and reluctant to discuss their incontinence issues. However, pushing things under the carpet and not admitting there is a problem can lead to additional hygiene issues, such as rashes or infections, which may worsen over time.

At Comfort Keepers of Rapid City, our home health aide can deliver customized care and assist with daily hygiene routines. By building a trusting relationship based on mutual respect, our dedicated caregiver can easily help your loved one in the comfort of their home. In fact, the biggest part of tackling incontinence is simply ensuring the client remains clean and comfortable.

Possible Side Effects

Very often, incontinence can stem from side effects caused by medication, especially when a new medication is introduced. This type of incontinence is easy to detect and treat. However, persisting, ongoing incontinence can point to a bigger, underlying issue. With a home health aide ready to assist and monitor the situation, the frequency of accidents can be logged in case a doctor needs to be consulted.

Part of a Wider Care Plan

It is very unlikely that your loved one will only need help with incontinence. Comfort Keepers can develop an all-around care plan and include various assistive services designed to boost your loved one’s quality of life. A dedicated home health aide can provide friendly companionship and help with various activities such as housekeeping, meal prep, shopping and errands, bathing, and dressing, transportation, and much more. This way, we can allow your loved one to comfortably and safely age in place for as long as possible.

Living at Home with Dignity

Living independently at home well into their 70s or 80s is something that the vast majority of seniors would say is their top priority. If your elderly loved one has a strong desire to stay at home throughout their golden years but requires some additional help around the house, working with Comfort Keepers might be your best solution.

Call our office today at (605) 277-1870 to learn more about how a professional home health aide from Comfort Keepers in Rapid City can help your parent lead a happier, healthier lifestyle for longer. We are here for you!

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