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909 St Joseph St #203, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701 Coronavirus update

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Our Living Assistance Services Includes Fall Prevention in Rapid City, SD and Surrounding Areas

Help your loved one maintain independence with living assistance services in Rapid City, SD

If your aging parent wishes to age at home, ensuring their safety is a necessary step. When it comes to seniors, most of their injuries are caused by falls. Unlike younger adults who are rarely harmed by these accidents, older adults often end up with severe injuries. Unfortunately, even small falls can be extremely dangerous. This is why Comfort Keepers has come up with a fall prevention plan. If you wish to ensure your loved one’s safety, please consider our living assistance services in Rapid City.

Reviewing the Situation

Detecting each of the fall hazards in your loved one’s home can be difficult, and often only a trained eye can see all the obstacles that can cause a fall. For example, most families worry about the stairs in their loved one’s home or high thresholds, but sometimes things like poor lighting, loose rugs or uneven floors can cause a problem. With living assistance services you can ensure your parent’s safety. Our caregivers will work with you to create a fall risk plan so you can be at ease knowing your parent won’t easily trip or fall down.

Fall Risks and Injuries

As seniors age, their bodies become more fragile. This is why they are more likely to suffer injury from a fall than younger adults. A lot of seniors who fall end up with broken bones and even require surgery. Since falls lead to limited mobility, injured seniors can easily get hurt once again. Therefore, preventing falls is highly important. With our living assistance services and our home assessment your parent can receive valuable instructions that can help them age safely at home.

Bathroom Safety for Seniors

One of the areas in your loved one’s home with multiple fall hazards is definitely the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to evaluate fall risk in this room. It is quite possible that tiles become too slippery when they get wet or that your loved one needs a shower bar so they can safely get out of their tub. Our caregivers might also suggest installing a shower safety seat or removing curling irons, shaving razors, and other electronic devices that are located near the sink.

With a detailed plan your parent will know how they can use the bathroom in their home safely.

If you wish to learn more about our living assistance services, contact our office in Rapid City, SD today at (605) 277-1870.

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