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791 E Main St Suite A, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302 Coronavirus update

Customized In-Home Care Services and Solutions

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In Home Health for Seniors and Elderly Adults in Spartanburg and Boiling Springs, SC

Comfort Keepers provides in home health services that focus on engaging seniors in Spartanburg, Boiling Springs, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina 

Physical exercise is the key to health at any age. Whether it’s swimming every day, cycling with friends, or just going for a walk around the block getting regular exercise is critically important for seniors so that they can improve their physical and mental health.

At Comfort Keepers, we know how important it is to care for the whole person. And we know that physical activity plays a big role in mental and physical health. That’s why at Comfort Keepers of Spartanburg our in home health providers focus on holistic care that focuses on health and happiness for seniors.

Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs a Home Caregiver from Comfort Keepers of Spartanburg

As your family member gets older everyday tasks that they used to perform easily can become more difficult. Even something as simple as getting dressed in the morning can take longer than it used to. With in home health services  from Comfort Keeper, seniors in Spartanburg can stay independent longer. If your loved ones demonstrate any of the following signs, it is time to consider hiring a caregiver.

  • Being forgetful or confused about taking medication
  • Feeling frustrated completing daily tasks
  • Having less energy than they used to or spending more time in bed
  • Appearing uninterested in activities that they used to enjoy

With a caregiver's help and in home health services, most seniors can continue living on their own. 

In-Home Care Activities

We create a plan for all clients, based on their health and abilities. Their caregiver will help them at home and encourage them to stay active. Some of the activities we assist with include:

  • Getting to the grocery store and food shopping
  • Personal care
  • Walking and exercise
  • Help with house or yard work

Protecting Seniors from Falls

Staying active is one of the best ways to help seniors stay safe at home. Exercise and other physical activity help seniors maintain muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. This means they're less likely to suffer a slip or fall that could result in long recovery time.

Physical activity also boosts the immune system and can improve a senior’s mood. A happy, healthy senior can stay at home longer, meaning a better quality of life. If you want to find out more about the benefits of in home health services for your loved one in Spartanburg, Boiling Springs, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina, please call Comfort Keepers today at (864) 485-9129