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1323 E 3rd St, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Private Duty Care in Williamsport, PA & the Surrounding Area

Comfort Keepers® can help you maintain your physical health with private duty care in Williamsport, PA.

Changes in the senior body make routines even more important as we age. From medication management routines to physical fitness routines, having a plan for daily activities helps keep things on track and reduces the risk of forgetfulness. Even the best routines are only effective if they are followed, however. If you or a loved one requires help following daily routines, Comfort Keepers® private duty care can make a huge difference.

Common signs that you may need help with daily living activities include:

  • Forgetting to take medication or becoming confused about medication administration
  • Having a difficult time completing daily living activities or personal care routines
  • Losing interest in things that once brought enjoyment
  • Spending more time in bed due to a decrease in physical energy

Comfort Keepers® can help you establish and routines and keep up with daily living activities through in-home supports and services. For example, caregivers can help you establish a physical fitness routine that meets your personal needs and matches your ability level. From short walks around the neighborhood to joining a sports team or weekly shopping trips to dancing or yoga, Comfort Keepers® private duty care provides the physical and emotional support you need.

The senior body may lose muscle mass, strength, and flexibility with age, but a fitness routine can help you maintain muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. Not only will this help with physical health, but a physical fitness routine can also improve your mood, boost immunity, decrease fall risks, and improve your overall quality of life. Healthy, strong seniors are also much more likely to remain independent and be able to safely age in place. This is why Comfort Keepers® trademarked approach to private duty care, Interactive Caregiving, places such a high priority on activity.

For more information on the senior body, developing healthy routines, or the many ways Comfort Keepers® in-home care can help maximize the quality and safety of your elder years, contact us today!