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Holiday Stress Management

At Home Caregivers Tackle Holiday Stress in Oreland, PA

Many seniors live a life of quiet routines that help them remain living independently at home. The slightest bump in the road can cause them to become anxious and confused.

The holidays are a time when millions of Americans take to the roads and head for grandma's house to celebrate the season. While it should be a time of joy and family togetherness for everyone, many seniors find it to be a season filled with stress.

For many seniors; their lives hinge on the routines they have established to help them stay on top of their day. At home caregivers have found that change can lead to anxiety and confusion. Filling their home with family can make things even more stressful for them. Try these few tricks, you might be surprised at how much they can help make your holidays more fun for everyone.

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Food for Everyone

Grandma's say one of their biggest worries is making a holiday meal big enough to feed everyone. By having everyone bring a dish of their own, grandma can relax and enjoy the day. Be sure to assign everyone part of the cleanup, so the caregiver doesn’t get stuck with it all.

Simplify Gift Giving

Seniors on fixed income struggle and worry over trying to buy gifts for everyone. Make it easier for them by using a round robin or names in a hat drawing to see who is the only one to get a gift each year. It can be exciting waiting to see who the recipient of a cool gift from grandma and grandpa each year will be.

Nap Time

With little children, a good nap is typically a part of their daily lives. When they start getting cranky, it can add to the stress being felt by your elderly loved ones. Laying them down for a nap can help give your loved ones time to rest and recover.  Your loved one’s at home caregivers can also help them settle down for their own nap!

A Close Watch

Grab one other guest to help you keep an eye on your elderly loved ones. They might look a little out of place, maybe a bit fidgety, or start looking tired. With more than one person keeping an eye out, you can be there to help quickly.

Share the Load

As your elderly loved ones' primary caregiver, you are already taking on enough work, when you add in holiday preparations, it can be too much. We offer respite care services for you, including a caregiver who can help with chores, meal, shopping, errands, and more to give you time to take a breath.

Be sure you discuss any specific needs your loved ones might have or any limitations to help prepare them. If you take care of the little things, the big ones tend to run along quite smoothly, making for a much happier and more stress-free holiday celebration.  For more information holiday stress management, or to learn more about our at home caregivers, contact our agency online anytime or give us a call at (267) 293-7434.

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