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Call (503) 462-1455 | 975 SE Sandy Blvd., Suite 110, Portland, Oregon 97214 Coronavirus update
975 SE Sandy Blvd., Suite 110, Portland, Oregon 97214 Coronavirus update

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Senior Home Care by Comfort Keepers in Laurelhurst, OR

Trust Our Expert Caregivers in Laurelhurst, Oregon to Provide Top-Notch In-Home Senior Care Services For Your Loved One

Comfort Keepers Home Care in Laurelhurst, OR is ready to support your elderly loved one with the home care they require. Whether they need support with personal care – such as bathing and grooming – or if they simply need a few hours of companionship throughout the week, our compassionate, professional caregivers will work with your loved ones to develop care that promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

In-Home Senior Care Services Offered in Laurelhurst

In-Home Care & Companionship Services 

Comfort Keepers Home Care in Bend, OR offers a full range of personal Care Services to provide seniors with the right amount of support for independent living at home. Each personal care plan is designed individually for the client, ensuring that your loved one is well taken care of. We offer In-Home Care & Companionship services such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands, conversation and companionship, and 24-hour or part-time care. These services are designed to make your loved one's life at home seamless. These services may include:

  • Bathing, Grooming & Hygiene 
  • Mobility Assistance 
  • Transferring & Positioning 
  • Toileting & Incontinence Care 
  • Feeding & Special Diet 
  • Conversation & Companionship 

We offer Personal Home Care Services ranging from creating a special diet, incontinence care, grooming, and mobility assistance. These home care services are customized to the needs of your senior and offered in Laurelhurst and surrounding areas.

Interactive Caregiving

We believe that our Interactive Caregiving contributes to healthier and longer lives for seniors and the elderly by allowing them to be active in their care plan. Contact us to learn more about how our Interactive Caregiving services can enhance the well-being and emotional health of your loved one, especially amid and after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Respite Care Services in Laurelhurst

We offer Respite Care to provide primary caregivers the break they deserve from the daily stressors of caregiving. This includes part-time care when your elderly loved one needs it the most, and when the primary caregiver needs to take a break. When family caregivers are emotionally drained, they are likely less effective at playing this critical role. Comfort Keepers Home Care in Central Oregon can provide temporary relief to those who care for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.

Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease Home Care

Our Comfort Keepers receive training to provide your loved one with all of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease Care assistance they may need. Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in the home can be physically and emotionally draining. We understand the challenges faced by family caregivers and can help ease the burden through in-home dementia care. Our specially trained dementia care providers will:

  • help maintain a safe environment for the client 
  • engage the client in activities that can stimulate the senses, such as art and music 
  • provide meals and bathing assistance 
  • support the client and family through the changing behaviors often seen with dementia 

We customize our in-home dementia care and Alzheimer's care to meet each client’s special needs, taking into consideration his or her health and ability. Depending on the client’s needs, Comfort Keepers can provide care for just a few hours a week or provide full-time, in-home care.

End of Life Care

We understand that when seniors are diagnosed with a terminal illness, it can be a rough time for everyone involved. That is why we provide compassionate End of Life Care services. Our compassionate Comfort Keepers come to the aid of individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. We help them and their families with emotional and moral support as well as helping out around the home and providing personal and companionship care—whatever is needed.

Transitioning Home Care 

The time immediately after a hospital stay can be critical to the health and recovery of a loved one. Studies show that the lack of proper support and home care for seniors following surgery or a serious hospitalization can lead to slower recovery or even readmission to the hospital. We offer Transitioning Home care services to help seniors after a stay at the hospital. After an operation or surgery, simple tasks can be tough for your elderly loved one. Our Comfort Keepers team makes transitioning home effortless. Our team of expertly trained Comfort Keepers can: 

  • provide support of the care plan to aid in the recovery process 
  • assist with household activities and responsibilities, including meal prep, housekeeping, and running errands 
  • incidental transportation for follow-up visits 
  • peace of mind for family and friends 
  • communication with the medical team as needed

24-Hour Home Care in Happy Valley

We offer 24-Hour Home Care for seniors so that they can continue to live an independent life in the comfort of their own home. To meet the needs of our clients that require support not just throughout the day but during the night as well, we offer 24-hour home care, which is provided in shifts to ensure the highest level of service at all times. Our caregivers will work in shifts to ensure your loved one is always taken care of. Around-the-clock home care can be the right solution for seniors who:

  • are recovering from an illness or injury 
  • suffer from sleep apnea, insomnia, or another sleep disorder 
  • have complex care needs 
  • have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease
  • have mobility problems, or struggle to move around without assistance 
  • require complicated medication schedules 
  • are worried about their safety
  • wish to have someone close at all times 

Give us a call today at (503) 462-1455 to discover more about how our senior home care services can benefit you and your loved one.