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Senior Care At Home Can Help With Diet & Nutrition In Eugene, OR

Find out how our senior care at home can help your loved one in Eugene, OR with their dietary and nutritional concerns.

There are many changes that happen to our bodies as we age. From the unpleasant effects of gravity to deteriorating eyesight and untimely urges to use the restroom, seniors must learn to adapt and live through many age-related challenges. One area that often slips through the cracks when we think of age-related changes, however, is diet.

A senior's dietary needs are rarely the same as they were when they were in their younger years. Part of this is due to a slowing metabolism, but a senior's body also tends to work less efficiently. This means that once food is eaten, the body does not process it with the same effectiveness it once did leading to fewer vitamins and minerals being absorbed. Put together you have the senior dilemma: a slowing metabolism lowers a senior’s need for calories while the less efficient use of food means that more (or better) food needs to be consumed to achieve the same nutritional value. Further complicating issues, many seniors experience changing tastes or a loss of appetite due to the loss of taste buds or the side effects of medications.

Despite the challenges of the senior diet, eating nutritional meals is essential for health and well-being, including strength, muscle mass, and brain function. Diet also impacts many health issues such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Of course, well-nourished seniors tend to look and feel better as well.

Most times seniors do not mean to let their diet go but life situations can take their toll. From chronic pain, illness, and mobility loss to cognitive challenges, depression, and even transportation issues, seniors may have a hard time planning, preparing or even eating their meals. This is where Comfort Keepers senior care at home comes in.

Comfort Keepers offers meal and diet support for aging adults through our senior care at home. Caregivers can help seniors will all areas of their meal planning and preparation including diet plans, shopping, and cooking. They can even spend meal time with them to offer companionship or provide feeding assistance if a senior can no longer safely feed themselves.

If your loved one requires assistance in any area of their diet, contact a Comfort Keepers consultant to learn more about our senior care at home and the many dietary and nutritional solutions available.