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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

In Home Elderly Care & Our Interactive Caregiving Philosophy in Columbus, Westerville and the Surrounding Area of Central Ohio

We teach our caregivers to apply this to all of our services in order to better your loved one’s overall health and happiness

At Comfort Keepers of Westerville, OH, we noticed one thing about the many companies providing in home elderly care. Within these companies, the average caregiver does little more than offer the essential services their clients ask for. While this might get the "work" done, it is certainly no way to support an elderly person and give them a reason to carry on. After looking at this situation, we decided to introduce our own form of elderly care we call, Interactive Caregiving™.

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Interactive Caregiving™ involves providing care on a far more personal level. Our caregivers come into your loved one's home to provide much-needed help with things like homemaking chores and personal care. But, this is just the beginning as they are also there to provide one more critical service that many agencies fail to offer: that of simple companionship and conversation. Our caregivers work with your loved ones to get them as involved in their own care as much as they are able. Whether it’s helping make a meal or do the dishes, or simply sitting and chatting, the more mentally and physically active your loved ones remain the healthier they are mentally and physically.

Remaining Active Through In Home Elderly Care

If there is one thing to come out of the many senior health studies, it has to be the fact that staying active both mentally and physically plays a vital role in an elderly person's overall health. At Comfort Keepers of Westerville, OH our interactive form of caregiving is designed to do just that. Our caregivers work with your loved ones to keep them active by going for walks, going on outings, assisting with doctor prescribed exercises and of course working on hobbies, puzzles, playing games, and good old-fashioned conversation.

All of our team members are taught this unique form of care within our Hands On Home training facility.

To learn more about Comfort Keepers, our Interactive Caregiving™, or our in home eldly care in Westerville, OH, contact us online anytime or give us a call. We have operators on duty 24/7 to field your call, answer your questions, and schedule a free care consultation with one of our senior advisors to discuss your loved ones' needs.

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