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Legal Considerations

Legal Considerations for Comfort Keepers Elder Care in Charlotte, NC

When choosing elder care in Charlotte options, it’s helpful to have these documents prepared

When choosing the best care for your aging loved one, it is important to involve him or her in the conversation. It’s never too early to start discussing their preferences and getting organized. Families considering elder care in Charlotte should make sure that they also have their loved one’s legal matters and documents in order before moving further.

Which documents will you need?

Most people are already familiar with a will, however, there are different kinds of wills available depending on your senior family member’s circumstances.

One option is an advance health care directive. With this, seniors can specify which type of care services or medical intervention should be made in the event that they become seriously ill or unable to communicate. The directive can also state a particular facility they should be relocated to.

The two types of advance directives:

  • A living will – This document is legally effective should your loved one no longer be unable to make decisions for themselves and contains information about which type of health care should be provided.
  • A power of attorney for health care – The power of attorney legally assigns a person to be in charge of health related decisions on behalf of the senior who is unable to do so.

Useful online resources

Familiarize yourself with these online resources before choosing elder care in Charlotte:

Determine guardianship

In many cases, a member of the family will take on the responsibility of making decisions and caring for an older loved one. It is best to collaborate with the family and choose who will do this early, while your senior loved one is still able to communicate his or her wishes.

A guardian or conservator need not be a family member. Guardians are responsible for health care, personal, and financial decisions in the event your loved one is no longer able to make them. A court can also hire a conservator to be responsible for financial decisions including asset management, estate planning, daily expenses, and health care spending on their behalf.

Both guardians and conservators are able to make decisions about options for elder care in Charlotte, such as choosing nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or in home care services.

Keep track of your documents

The first step of keeping up to date with your loved one’s legal affairs is having all of the documents stored in a single place. Choose a safe spot in your loved one’s home to store copies of insurance documents, birth certificates, health records, real estate documents, and directives or wills.

To learn more about preparing your loved one for elder care in Charlotte, fill out our contact form or call (704) 980-7620.