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1401 Stone Rd #302, Rochester, New York 14615 Coronavirus update

Bone Health Through Nutrition

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Rochester, New York.

Fight Back Osteoporosis With Foods & Our Caregivers in Rochester, NY

Most people have heard of osteoporosis one way or another but, how much do you really know about it? Are you aware of the simple lifestyle changes that you and your loved ones can make to prevent it from occurring?

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Osteoporosis: What is it?

Osteoporosis is a common disease in which bones lose minerals, such as calcium, faster than they can be replaced, causing them to become fragile and prone to fractures. It can affect any bone in the body and usually there are no visible symptoms prior to a fracture or serious break.

Osteoporosis is often called the ‘silent disease’ for this reason.

If left untreated, multiple fractures can occur increasing the likelihood of other health complications. These can include things like loss of mobility and independence, chronic pain, or even, in extreme cases, premature death.

Let’s Talk About Calcium!

Calcium is one of the keys to bone health! Encouraging your senior to incorporate more calcium rich foods into their diet is one of the easiest ways you can help them promote bone health. Taking a calcium supplement is another option.

Calcium, like exercise, can strengthen bones at any age!

While dairy products like milk or cheese are most commonly cited for their calcium content, they’re just a start! Other calcium rich products include:

  • Almond Milk: it has 2x more calcium than cow’s milk!
  • Veggies: spinach, okra, collards, white beans, and kale
  • Calcium Fortified Foods: breakfast cereal, oatmeal, and some orange juices
  • Fish: sardines, salmon, trout, and perch

Make Sure You Get That Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is crucial to bone health because of the way our bodies absorb calcium. Without enough vitamin D the body can’t produce enough of the hormone called calcitriol, (or Active Vitamin D) leading to insufficient calcium absorption. The body must then take those nutrients from somewhere else, your bones, preventing the growth of new, strong bone.

There are three ways you can get vitamin D: through skin from sun exposure, from supplements, and through diet.

Recommended vitamin D rich foods include:

  • Orange juice
  • Fatty fish, such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon
  • Fortified foods like cereals, some dairy products, or soy milk
  • Beef liver

Is That Everything To Know?

While it is true that osteoporosis can be prevented through diet, it is important to remember that other factors may still contribute to loss of bone thickness. Things like menopause, lifestyle choices, or medications may also affect bone health.

A doctor can help determine if osteoporosis medication is necessary in addition to dietary changes.

Comfort Keepers® Is Here For You!

Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of your senior loved one’s needs, your family’s needs, and your own. That’s where our caregivers can come in to help!

When you work with one of our caregivers, your senior won’t just be getting the best possible in home care, they’ll be getting a companion. Someone who will support them mentally, physically, and socially through our unique approach to personal care called Interactive Caregiving™.

Interactive Caregiving™ is our way of ensuring that your senior is living their happiest, healthiest life. We want seniors to have an active hand in their care by working with their to create delicious meal plans, plan exciting social calls or group activities, and much more that they can look forward to. Our goal is to empower them to do the things they enjoy with the people they love and create cherished memories from simple moments.

If you’d like to learn more about Comfort Keepers®, our remarkable in home caregivers and care services, or would like to schedule your free in home consultation, please contact us online any time or call us at (585) 209-3728.

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