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Call (201) 771-1908 | 58 Harmon Cove Tower Suite 58, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Coronavirus update
58 Harmon Cove Tower Suite 58, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Coronavirus update

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Transportation Options from Secaucus In Home Senior Care Experts

Learn more about our quality in home senior care in Secaucus, NJ and the surrounding areas

It is important for seniors who are no longer able to drive to know and understand that there are many safe and reliable transportation options for them that will get them where they need to go and when, and that not being able to drive is not the end of their active lifestyle. As part of our commitment to ensure seniors stay active and engaged with life, our in home senior care agency offers transportation services to seniors and adults who are no longer able to drive themselves to and from activities and appointments.

Transportation can be a critical aspect of life for a number of reasons, one of the most important being social. More than 11 million seniors in the United States live alone, making isolation an increasingly real problem. Couple that with a lack of transportation to and from social events and seniors may feel even more cut off from the outside world. Our compassionate caregivers are able to provide transportation and assistance for seniors to attend events, meetings, gatherings, volunteer work and more to ensure they remain active in the community and with life.

Not being able to drive does not have to mean going without the necessities or relying on friends and family to provide them, either. Our agency's in home senior care experts can provide transportation in Secaucus and surrounding areas to and from the grocery store, department stores, the pharmacy and more, so seniors are able to continue to have the proper dietary staples, clothing, gifts and other items they need on a regular basis.

Our home care providers can also provide safe transportation to and from any doctor’s or physical therapy appointments and are able to arrive early for any and all engagements to help clients prepare for the day and ensure they are escorted safely to and from the vehicle and placed safely inside. Care providers can also accompany your senior loved one into all appointments and will stay after to ensure your loved one gets back in the house safely.

If you are looking for transportation options that go above and beyond for your senior loved one, contact Comfort Keepers Secaucus, NJ about our in home senior care today.  Call us at (201) 771-1908.