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355 Applegarth Rd #4, Monroe Township, New Jersey 08831 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers Offers Senior Care That Focuses On Nutrition And Diet In Monroe Township, NJ

Comfort Keepers understands the importance of nutrition and diet, as part of our senior care in Monroe Township, NJ.

Focusing on nutrition and diet is an important part of our senior care services.  We realize that clients who eat nutritious food are happier overall and are healthier because of it.  In many cases, having an in home care provider around encourages clients to eat more than they normally would.  In many cases, this has a significant effect on their overall health and gives family members the peace of mind knowing that their loved one is eating food that is tailored directly to them.  In the case of certain dietary restrictions, simply let us know and we will be happy to abide by them during meal preparation.  In many cases, family members notice a distinct improvement in the health of their senior loved one after they have worked with our team of caregivers for a while.

One reason why family members often choose to work with a senior care provider like Comfort Keepers to assist with diet and nutrition is because many seniors suffer from malnutrition.  Often times, there are two reasons for malnutrition, insufficient calories or empty calories.  With the wide variety of processed foods available, many seniors stick with these options, as they are easy to prepare and are often inexpensive.  However, processed food simply doesn't provide the nutrition needed to support seniors.

On the other side of the coin, seniors who are suffering from malnutrition because they don't eat enough calories often forget to eat or simply aren't hungry.  In order to remedy this issue, working with a senior care provider who stays with a client in the comfort of their home has a potential to give them more of a reason to eat.  Just having someone around has the tendency of improving a client’s mood and give them more desire to eat.  Since Comfort Keepers focuses wholeheartedly on our companionship, allowing us to provide in home care often creates huge improvements in the overall well-being of your beloved senior.

We focus on making sure our clients are consuming sufficient calories by preparing delicious meals and sitting down with them to eat.  Seniors who simply don't want to go out of their way to cook a delicious meal can benefit greatly from our meal preparation services, as they will always have food in front of them at mealtime.  It has also been shown that enjoying a meal with others results in greater calorie consumption.  In any case, having a caregiver from Comfort Keepers around has the potential to greatly improve a senior's nutrition.

When working with our team of caregivers, inform us of exactly what diet we should follow so we are able to customize the food we cook.  When we go to Super Stop & Shop grocery store in Jamesburg, NJ, we will be able to stick to certain food choices and create homemade meals that are based around a certain diet.  If no specific diet is recommended, we will stick to real food choices and avoid any processed items that don't provide adequate nutrition.

If you are looking for more information regarding the benefits of senior care provided by Comfort Keepers in Monroe Township, NJ, please contact us.