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1420 Holcomb Ave #102, Reno, Nevada 89502 Coronavirus update

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In Home Care For The Elderly Can Help You Maintain Your Physical Fitness in Reno, NV & Surrounding Areas

Find out how in home care for the elderly in Reno, NV can help you to maintain your physical fitness and well being.

We all know how important physical exercise is but as we age staying active can be challenging. Even simple tasks such as getting dressed in the morning or taking a bath or shower can become difficult, let alone going for a hike in the park, spending a day in the mall, or working out at the gym.

When avoiding daily activities due to physical or cognitive limitations starts to impact the quality of your life it may be time to consider short or long-term assistance. Some signs that you may want to think about in home care for the elderly include:

  • Forgetting or having challenges taking medication
  • Dishes or laundry are piling up
  • The home is becoming increasingly cluttered
  • You keep putting off running errands
  • Any number of daily tasks have become frustrating or cause anxiety
  • You have less energy than you used to or are spending more time in bed
  • You have a fear of falling
  • You have lost interest in activities that once brought enjoyment

The good news is that these signs are not at all uncommon. In fact, most seniors over the age of 65 need help with at least one area of daily living. Even better, Comfort Keepers’ in home care for the elderly provides both short and long-term supports and services that can help you maximize your freedom, independence, and quality of life while ensuring you can continue to safely reside in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Through Comfort Keepers trademarked Interactive Caregiving model of care, you will be an instrumental part of your own care routine. This means that we will help you stay active physically, cognitively, and socially. By taking an active role in your own care, you are able to keep up strength, flexibility, balance, and dexterity.

Caregivers also encourage you to keep active by assisting with walks through the neighborhood, shopping, running errands, dancing, or even exercising. Staying active not only helps keep the body strong, but it reduces fall risks and improves emotional health.

For more information on the senior body or the many ways Comfort Keepers’ in home care for the elderly can help you maintain your freedom, independence, and quality of life contact a care coordinator today.