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1420 Holcomb Ave #102, Reno, Nevada 89502

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Adult Home Care for Seniors with Incontinence Issues in Reno, NV and Surrounding Areas

Find out how adult home care can help seniors in Reno, NV deal with incontinence while maintaining privacy and confidence

Most American seniors look forward to their elder years. Retirement, travel, and time with family all rank high on the 'things to do' list. What doesn't rank high on that list is moving. In fact, well over 90 percent of seniors in the United States plan on remaining in their current home for as long as possible. The plan to age-in-place can become more difficult if a senior needs help to safely live at home, especially if the assistance requires personal care such as bathing or incontinence care.

The good news is that Comfort Keepers provides the adult home care and services that seniors require, including a wide range of personal care supports. Comfort Keepers caregivers are trained, experienced, and compassionate. For seniors who require personal care support this is extremely important, as it can be unnerving to have somebody help with such intimate parts of life. Having caregivers that respect privacy and are committed to preserving one's dignity is essential.

Since every senior requires a different type and amount of support, Comfort Keepers adult home care plans are always customized and personalized to meet a senior's individual needs. From intermittent or short-term care to full-time or long-term care, Comfort Keepers providers are ready when your senior loved one needs them, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Incontinence can refer to the loss of bladder or bowel control. Either one can dramatically impact a senior's self-esteem and confidence. Not only can incontinence be embarrassing, but it can limit a senior’s socialization and even their self-care abilities.

Many incontinence issues are short-term and related to injuries or illnesses. Comfort Keepers caregivers help seniors work through their incontinence until treatments are complete. During treatment, seniors may need help with running errands, keeping up with the housework, or even with the act of toileting itself. Should incontinence be part of a long-term or chronic issue, caregivers can work with the senior's physician to develop and implement a personalized treatment program.

In short, incontinence does not need to be an issue that leads to isolation or embarrassment. With the help of Comfort Keepers adult home care, seniors can continue to live happy, active lives in the comfort, convenience, and safety of their own home.

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