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Senior Care is a Family Issue

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Senior Home Care is a Family Issue in Las Vegas, NV

Learn why the whole family should be involved in discussing senior home care in Las Vegas and nearby areas

Have you noticed your parent or aging loved one needing more assistance than usual? Have you and your family members started to discuss whether they need daily assistance? If you notice that an aging family member has trouble remembering their medication, cooking regularly, keeping up with their housework, it might be time for a family discussion about senior home care.

To choose the most appropriate care for a senior loved one, you’ll need to ask many questions and get input from your family members as well.

  • What does my aging family member need help with? Are they struggling with daily activities like bathing, feeding themselves, or running errands?
  • What is the safest option for my loved one? What will make them the most comfortable?
  • How will the care plan that we create be paid for?
  • What types of senior care are available in my area? How do they differ?
  • What has my family member’s physician recommended? Are there any special medical needs that should be considered?

It takes a family working together to find out the answers to these questions, and it will require input from your aging loved one, as well. To make sure that your aging loved one’s needs and wishes are all addressed, it’s important to have the whole family engaged in the process of creating their care plan.

What does a senior family member need?

Seniors are in a vulnerable stage of life. Even though you might look to your aging parent or other senior loved one for guidance and advice, seniors experience changes in physical, mental, and emotional health that can impact their quality of life. Changing cognitive and physical abilities can be challenging to work through. The more family members that can be supportive of these changes, the better the outcome can be for your whole family.

Whether you choose a nursing home, assisted living facility, senior home care, or some other care plan for your aging loved one, the whole family should remain engaged in advocating for your aging loved one and ensuring their good care. Seniors may have difficulty expressing their needs, or may not have as much clarity about what they need in their daily life as they used to. Family members, who know them, their habits, their preferences, and their desires, are the best advocates they can have.

Once you’ve made a decision on the desired method of care, your family should remain involved in the care plan. A care plan includes actions like making sure bills get paid, or resolving health insurance disputes, or maintaining the home of your loved one. The more activities that can be divided between family members, the easier it will be on all of you to provide the best care for your loved one.

You’ll also need to remain engaged with the care providers for your loved one. You can help those relationships be more positive and productive by telling care providers about your loved one’s wishes, history, and experiences.

The importance of staying involved

Another need that can be divided among family members is regular visits with your aging loved one. Whether you are using senior home care and can visit them at home, or have chosen a live-in facility and will go visit them in their new home, family members need to make sure that your aging loved one has regular visitors who are familiar with their health needs.

Over time, physical and cognitive health can change, and you may need to adjust your loved one’s care plan when changes do occur. The best way to know if health changes are occurring is regularly visiting your aging loved one. You and your family can keep an eye on any changes in their health, while also brightening their day and supporting them. Especially if there is more than one caregiver in your loved one’s care plan, you and your family members are the ablest to identify changes in physical or cognitive health and bring that to the attention of their health care providers.

Choosing the best senior care option is a difficult decision. Involving your whole family in making decisions helps to ensure that you consider all factors, and choose the best possible solution for your loved one.

Is your family ready to look into senior home care as part of your loved one’s care plan? Contact Comfort Keepers serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area today or call (702) 425-6932 to learn more about our caregivers and how they can help your family.