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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Home Senior Care Improves Mental Health in Las Vegas, NV and the Surrounding Area

Discover how home senior care in Las Vegas, NV can help you keep your mind sharp and encourage mental health.

Lifestyle choices play an important role in brain health. While many people think that dementia and cognitive decline are simply genetic issues, researchers have found that our lifestyle choices play a large role in our risk factors for a large number of brain related issues. Comfort Keepers’ home senior care can help you establish and maintain routines that help maintain a healthy and strong body and mind while reducing your risk of memory loss and cognitive decline.

Comfort Keepers’ home senior care is based on a unique, trademarked system called Interactive Caregiving. Interactive caregiving stresses the importance of social and cognitive interaction throughout the care process. Interestingly, research has shown that maintaining regular socialization helps with memory and cognition. Interacting with others forces the brain to use short and long-term memory, decision-making skills, and so forth. While some seniors have extensive social circles, others find themselves relatively alone during their senior years. With Comfort Keepers, you do not need to be without the benefit of quality socialization.

The benefits of brain exercises are not fake news. Keeping the brain healthy and strong through regular "exercise" improves cognition and reduces the risk of cognitive decline. Even better, you are not limited to crossword puzzles and Sudoku. While these certainly help, research has found that most anything that keeps the brain engaged and active will help. The key is to choose a hobby that you enjoy and will stay with regularly and long-term. This could include playing cards, dancing, crafting, gardening, etc.

Regular physical exercise helps you lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes, but it also helps reduce the risk of dementia. Better yet, the exercise does not need to be rigorous or involve fancy equipment or gym memberships. One study even found a link between the number of blocks walked each day and a reduction in dementia risk.

While there are many ways to strengthen the senior brain and reduce risks, there is always the chance that you or a loved one may face a cognitive challenge. If this happens, Comfort Keepers’ home senior care can provide the supports and services you need to remain free, independent, and safe. Common in-home supports include light housekeeping, personal care assistance, local transportation, running errands, and companionship support.

For more information on the senior brain, to learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers can help you reduce the risk of cognitive decline, or to hear more about Comfort Keepers’ specialization in dementia and Alzheimer's care, contact a care coordinator today.