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Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

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In Home Senior Care for Adults Dealing With Incontinence in Las Vegas, NV and Surrounding Areas

Find out how in home senior care can help aging adults in Las Vegas, NV deal with incontinence.

Many seniors worry that they will not have joyous golden years due to declining physical, mental, or emotional health. Worse, they fear that they may not be able to remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home if they struggle with daily living activities or personal care. Thankfully, with Comfort Keepers’ in home senior care, elders can safely age-in-place while enjoying increased freedom, independence, and quality of life despite age-related challenges.

Sadly, many of those who could benefit from in home senior care do not seek or ask for help or assistance. This is especially true when it comes to personal care issues like bathing or incontinence. Comfort Keepers understands the extreme personal nature of these tasks and the need for compassionate, understanding caregivers who strive to maintain a senior's privacy, dignity, and self-esteem.

Incontinence, whether it is the loss of bladder or bowel control, is often a secondary response to a primary issue, such as an accident, medical procedure, medication, or a long-term medical condition. Based on the causation, incontinence may be short or long-term and may require additional in-home helps, including homemaking supports, meal preparation, and transportation support in addition to personal care. Comfort Keepers caregivers will work with seniors to ensure all their needs are met.

Since all of Comfort Keepers’ in home senior care plans are custom-tailored to meet a senior's unique requirements, plans are flexible and can adjust to changing needs. Some seniors may need short-term assistance a few times a week while others may need daily assistance or even 24 hour home care.

The most important thing to remember is that most incontinence issues can be treated or managed, and a Comfort Keepers caregiver will work with the senior and their physician on a personalized treatment plan. Don't let incontinence be an embarrassing problem that keeps your senior loved one from enjoying their elder years to the maximum extent possible.

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