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At Home Senior Care Provides Assistance with Bathing & Grooming in Las Vegas, NV and the Surrounding Areas

Find out how at home senior care can help you look and feel your best in Las Vegas, NV with bathing and grooming assistance.

As senior's skin loses fat and becomes thinner, it generally becomes weaker and more prone to tearing or ripping, and looser skin leads to increased wrinkles and folds. For these reasons and many others, a senior's skin requires special care if it is to be healthy. Sadly, many seniors do not take care of their skin and many more avoid frequent bathing and grooming altogether.

A large number of falls occur in the bathroom so you might be inclined to limit trips to the bath or shower out of fear of falling. You may also face chronic pain or mobility issues that make bathing and grooming difficult or impossible. In other cases injuries or illnesses might prevent you from accessing bathing and grooming in traditional ways. This is where Comfort Keepers comes in.

Comfort Keepers provides at home senior care designed to help you remain free, independent, and safe while remaining in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Comfort Keepers’ caregivers are highly trained in bathing and grooming techniques and are very knowledgeable about senior skin care. They are also very private, discreet, and ensure your self-esteem is a top priority.

Comfort Keepers can help you with the physical task of bathing, help you get into or out of the shower or tub, or provide alternative bathing if you are bedridden. They can help you learn to use transfer boards or shower chairs and demonstrate cleaning techniques that can protect skin while effectively cleansing the body.

Effective at home senior care goes beyond bathing and addresses comprehensive skin, hair, and nail care as well as shaving, lotion or cream application, and oral hygiene. Caregivers can recommend products designed for seniors, help with care, or provide complete care if necessary.

For more information about senior bathing and grooming or to learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers’ at home senior care can help you to maximize your quality of life while safely and independently aging in place, contact a senior home care coordinator today.