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Omaha, Nebraska
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Call (402) 991-9880 | 8710 F Street, Suite 128, Omaha, Nebraska 68127 Coronavirus update
8710 F Street, Suite 128, Omaha, Nebraska 68127 Coronavirus update

Social Distancing Tips

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Omaha, Nebraska.

Social Distancing Tips

Being told to stay at home may not be anyone's idea of fun. But over the 17 years of caring for seniors in the comfort of their homes, we have developed some tips to make the experience better for everyone.

Connecting with others whenever possible. Spending time with loved ones doesn’t have to happen in-person to be meaningful. Video calls, Facetime, texts and emails can help seniors stay in touch with loved ones when they can’t be together. Get the whole family in on connecting with loved ones.

Enjoying the things they love. Life doesn’t stop when staying at home, talk to your senior about what they enjoy...uncovering old favorites can lead to new memories like an at home spelling bee, a spirited game of cards, or a renewed love of art. 

Continue hobbies. For any activity and hobby, there’s a virtual version available. For those that love art, museums are offering online tours for those that can’t visit. There are a host of music options available on streaming services and singing and dancing is just as fun in the living room! And, podcasts on any topic can be streamed on a phone, website or through a virtual assistant.

Get some exercise. It’s important for seniors to continue movement and motion through exercise, even during a period of isolation. Ensuring a senior’s range of motion is still intact through daily stretching or yoga is a great way to keep moving. Keep moving by getting steps in when you can or turn up the tunes and have a dance party in the living room! Lifting light weights at home can help keep muscles strong when getting out of the house may not be an option. Many gyms and fitness professionals are offering free virtual workouts to do at home, for those that have permission from their physician to exercise.

Maintain a healthy diet. When we spend a lot time at home it’s often easy to grab a bite anytime we pass the kitchen. It’s important to keep in mind healthy options when snacking – avoid too many salty or sweet snacks. And, when meal prepping remember the food pyramid – fruit, veggies, calcium, grain, and proteins.

Find joy in everyday activities. Take time to enjoy the small things – card games, baking projects, a good cup of coffee, a phone call with a friend, eating your favorite food. There are always opportunities for meaningful moments and joyful days with a little planning, conversation and intentional action.

For those in need of a little extra help at home, Comfort Keepers can help. Our professional caregivers are well-trained and have the right protective equipment to provide loving and safe in-home care. Just give us a call to discuss options: 402.991.9880