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What Comfort Keepers Means to Fred Henry

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Saint Louis, Missouri.

What Comfort Keepers Means to Fred Henry

The Most Important Work There is

Before he ever owned and operated a Comfort Keepers franchise, Fred Henry had seen the impact that Alzheimer’s disease had on the lives of his loved ones. Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that causes increasing limitations on the memory and mental functions of the individual, turning friends and family into caregivers, out of necessity.

Fred saw his own mother’s experience with Alzheimer’s, and how difficult communication became as the disease advanced. He would see this happen again when his uncle Jack was diagnosed. Fred and his son would visit his uncle and aunt in Memphis regularly, and Fred stayed in touch with weekly phone calls.

One day, as he spoke to his aunt, she told him about Raymond. Raymond was their driver. Fred’s aunt had seen an advertisement on TV for their local Comfort Keepers franchise in Memphis, and hired them to provide caregiver services to offset her own responsibilities caring for her husband, which were numerous.

The Comfort Keepers caregiver made a world of difference for the couple. Fred’s uncle had owned and operated a successful trucking business during his career. Raymond would bring Jack into his old offices at 6 AM, just like he was used to doing when he worked. 

“Uncle Jack was the founder, and always treated people well--they loved him. Raymond brought him into his old office and everyone there was delighted to see him.”

-Fred Henry, Owner/Director of Comfort Keepers St. Louis

This brought him and his former employees a lot of joy in his final years. This kind of activity and social engagement is crucial to delaying the disease’s advancement.

An Avenue for Service and a New Market

Fred was curious about Comfort Keepers, and seriously impressed with the services they provided to his uncle and aunt. He researched the company online and found out there was a franchise territory available in St. Louis, Missouri. Having already seen success in the Financial Services industry, Fred wanted to be a part of providing excellent in-home care in a market where those services were in demand.

Throughout his business career, Fred learned that a key to success is providing high quality services and products with consistency. A commitment to consistent, excellent service resulted in strong referrals among banks in his region.

“In the financial services industry, I was hired because customers said Fred Henry’s company does what they say they’ll do and more. Se we try to go above and beyond at Comfort Keepers. Do the job, whatever it takes.”

-Fred Henry, Owner/Director of Comfort Keepers St. Louis

In the years since he began working with Comfort Keepers, Fred has seen the immense difference in-home care can make in the lives of clients. Family members who arrange for these services see it too. According to Fred, familial bonds can sometimes be stretched by circumstances like this.

“It puts stress on them to care for their loved ones. A mother-daughter relationship can turn into a mother-worker relationship. That’s why it’s so important to have help.”

-Fred Henry, Owner/Director of Comfort Keepers St. Louis

Exceptional Caregivers and Grateful Families

Anyone truly dedicated to the work of in-home care has to be special. Fred says great caregivers have an unbelievable talent and desire for taking care of people. Only the most patient, loving, understanding people can make caring for Alheimer’s patients their life’s work.

Caregivers become an important part of their client’s lives and when that happens, it shows. Families are relieved to have help and the knowledge their loved one is being cared for. In-home clients are thankful for their care because it allows them to stay active and remain in their own home. It’s not uncommon to see caregivers invited to family functions, especially if they’ve been paired with their client for a long time.

“We have caregivers who have been with us for six to seven years, taking care of the same person or family for the entire time.”

-Fred Henry, Owner/Director of Comfort Keepers St. Louis

There’s no greater proof of how valuable these services become than when families put their trust in the same caregiver over a period of several years. That consistency of service is what Fred wants his company to represent, and Comfort Keepers caregivers exemplify that value.

Comfort Keepers provides regular training and encourages further education for their caregivers. More than a few have gone on to become nurses. The Comfort Keepers team also meets regularly for informational meetings, forming a community of caregivers who understand and support one another.

How Comfort Keepers can Serve Your Family

Comfort Keepers St. Louis is always looking for more dedicated caregivers to add to its team. The work is challenging, but rewarding in a special way for those called to the in-home care industry. 

Comfort Keepers caregivers become the eyes and ears for the organization, and for families. They spend the most time with in-home clients, keeping track of activities and health concerns. Clients have access to a website called “The Living Room” that allows family members to stay up-to-date on the daily progress of their loved one. Comfort Keepers clients also have access to an internet physician who can help identify potential health issues.

Fred described the kind of caregivers who find a home with Comfort Keepers. He said what impressed him most about these individuals was their true love and care for the people they serve. In this way, they carry out the vision Fred had for his franchise: consistent service that goes above and beyond.

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For 22 years, Comfort Keepers has been an international provider of in-home care, serving clients all across the United States and in 13 other countries. Fred Henry has led Comfort Keepers St. Louis for the past 9 years, as his team of dedicated professionals change lives through their service.

If you want to know how Comfort Keepers in-home care can benefit your loved one and aid your family, call our St. Louis office at (314) 576-7000 or visit our contact page to reach out by email.

If you’re interested in pursuing the rewarding work of a Comfort Keepers caregiver, contact us at the phone number listed above, or visit the careers page on our website.