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1215 Fern Ridge Parkway Suite 107, Saint Louis, Missouri 63141 Coronavirus update

The Comfort Keepers Difference: A Care Plan that Works for You

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Creating a Cohesive Care Team for Every Client

From time to time, every family must wrestle with difficult decisions related to healthcare. Whether a loved one has developed a serious health condition that requires special attention, or they need help with the complications of advanced age, it’s up to the family to find a way to address those needs.

This challenge can be daunting for family members with limited healthcare knowledge and competing schedules. They work with doctors to assess healthcare needs and formulate a plan of care, but carrying out that plan is never simple. Arrangements must be made, routines must be established and kept, and the family must agree on a care team with defined roles and responsibilities.

For families who trust Comfort Keepers with in-home care, this intimidating process is simplified and supported. For Comfort Keepers St. Louis, Office Manager Juliana carries out a process for matching clients with the right Caregiver and guiding families through a cooperative caregiving plan that puts everybody on the same page.

Initial client assessments are about more than just the physical status of the person in need of care. It’s vital to match Caregivers who have experience with the particular healthcare concerns that face each client, but it’s also important to assign Caregivers who can connect with their client on a personal level.

Likes, dislikes, triggers, and calming factors are all taken into consideration. Is the client an enthusiastic conversationalist? Then a Caregiver who can return banter and listen to stories will be preferred. If the client is a person of few words, then a Caregiver who can match that energy will be selected.

Personality isn’t the only way Comfort Keepers strives to conform to what makes our clients comfortable. A successful care plan must take client preferences and values into consideration. Our Managers and our Caregivers work to conform their care plan to client routines, schedules, likes and dislikes. 

Comfort Keepers is focused on providing the best healthcare assistance possible, and we can do that best by ensuring a bond of trust between client, family, and caregiver. With trust comes genuine interaction, and Interactive Caregiving helps our clients continue to connect with themselves, with others and with the outside world.

Comfort Keepers: Your Care Team Partner

The work of a Caregiver is about more than checking off boxes. It’s about bringing our clients comfort in any way we can. What kind of Caregiver would be best for your loved one? Sunny or serious? Refined or homespun? Active or sedentary? All these factors and more are considered when choosing a Caregiver, but our commitment to finding great matches doesn’t stop there.

Juliana performs regular spot checks to make sure Caregivers are forming a bond of trust with the client. And if the client ever brings up a concern or complaint, the issue is dealt with immediately, with an open and honest approach. 

Our Caregivers understand that it’s not about them, but meeting the needs of their client. If an issue is coachable and can be rectified, then it will be addressed. If a different Caregiver would be a better match to address client concerns, then that can be arranged. 

If you have a loved one who could benefit from in-home care, Comfort Keepers will partner with your family to formulate and carry out a comprehensive care plan. Since healthcare needs are always evolving and Comfort Keepers always strives to improve the quality of care, Caregivers and managers are in regular communication with clients to ensure the highest level of care possible.

Call (314) 576-7000 or visit our Contact Page to find out how Comfort Keepers can serve your family.