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Father, Friend, and Hero: Why Home is the Best Place to Be for Dad

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Father, Friend, and Hero: Why Home is the Best Place to Be for Dad

World War II Veteran Charlie Kohler’s Son Keith Trusts Comfort Keepers for In-Home Care

High Standards for an Honored Father and Lifelong Friend

As an experienced sales strategist, Keith Kohler understands the importance of trust and consistent service when it comes to working relationships. So, when it came time for him to choose an in-home senior care provider for his father Charlie Kohler, he expected consistency and genuine concern from his father’s caregivers. 

Keith is straightforward about the respect and affection he has for his father; he credits his father for the man he is today. To those who know Charlie, and especially his son, he is a hero who has made tremendous sacrifices for his country. As a United States Marine, he was wounded at Iwo Jima in World War II. 

After the war, Charlie raised a family in a small suburb outside St. Louis. They made lasting memories in a home that Keith would later buy from his father. This is where Charlie’s story comes full-circle, as he now resides with his son in that same house. 

“I’ve moved back into the house where I grew up in order to take care of my father, because he took such good care of me in this very same house when I needed help.”
-Keith Kohler

Caring for Those who Cared for Us, With Dignity and Respect

As our seniors advance in age and gain life experiences, they can develop wisdom that can’t be learned from a book. Keith understands this value and cherishes it in his father. At 99 years old, Charlie has nearly a century of stories to draw wisdom from and he’s not shy about sharing them.

With age also comes a new stage of life, where some Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) begin to become difficult or impossible without help from others. This is when younger generations have an opportunity to return the love and compassion their parents showed them early in life. Keith understands that part of his role as a son means providing the help his father needs to get through the day with dignity and safety. 

“I recognized that I would be more comfortable knowing that somebody was here looking after him and assisting him with those activities of daily living.”
-Keith Kohler

Earned Trust and the Pillars of Care

According to Keith, there are three pillars of care he demands from those looking after his father: Safety, hygiene, and nutrition. If any of those pillars are missing, the care would be inadequate. Comfort Keepers provides these aspects of care with an understanding that they’re all essential. Because of this, Charlie is able to stay in his home, where he is most comfortable and where he built a life that he’s proud of. 

Another aspect of in-home care that Keith values is the social interaction his father gets with his professional caregivers. Conversations over warm, home cooked meals and sustained social interaction have shown to be an effective way to keep mental faculties sharp as we age. Keith values the friendships Charlie has been able to make with Comfort Keepers caregivers.

Sustained Care and Valuable Support

The bond between Keith and Charlie is strong. It can be hard work and long hours caring for our seniors. With the help of Comfort Keepers, Keith not only has more time, but the peace of mind to pursue his interests without worrying about his father. Because of this, his time with his father is more enjoyable and there is an ease to their relationship. 

Keith wants to cherish the time he gets to spend with Charlie and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his love for his father.

“My dad and I are best friends, simply put. I would take a bullet for him today. That’s the depth of genuine love that I have for this guy. Because, in fact, he took a lot of bullets for all of us as Americans.”
-Keith Kohler

Considering In-Home Senior Care for Your Loved Ones

How we decide to provide care for our loved ones can be a heavy choice. For Keith, his values of safety, hygiene, and nutrition were non-negotiable. He also knew his father was better off at home than anywhere else. He had to find an organization he could trust to work with him to provide the in-home care he knows his dad deserves. With Comfort Keepers, Keith has peace of mind when he leaves the house, and he can make sure that those entering his home treat Charlie with dignity and genuine care.

To learn more about Comfort Keepers in-home elder care, and how they might help you provide care for your loved ones, call our St. Louis office at 314 576 7000 or visit our contact page to reach out by email.