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Comfort Keepers Caregiver Spotlight: Shandora Rice

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Caregiver Spotlight: Shandora Rice

Caregivers operate from a place of love and compassion. They know, to do their job well, they have to move through each day with a gentle kind of patience. It’s a special quality of patience, developed over time spent caring for others. For Shandora “Sha” Rice, that patience was cultivated when she cared for her parents.

When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Sha was there in Mississippi, helping to ease the burden. Not long after that, her father fell ill. Sha found herself in the role of caregiver once again. She stepped up. And as a result, found a deep kind of gratification in her work. She found purpose in caregiving, and picked up a good deal of medical information along the way.

Sha discovered she was built to be a caregiver, and decided to get into nursing. In 1995, she began working as an in-home caregiver. 

“All of it was new to me then, but I knew how to take care of people. I learned a lot from my clients.”
-Shandora Rice, Comfort Keepers Caregiver

Sha went back to Mississippi to get her CNA license. Later she would work in an assisted living community for 7 years. Her hospital work included time in an Alzheimer’s unit, a burn unit, and many other areas of healthcare, broadening her experience. 

Because of her patience and rapport with the people she took care of, Sha was selected to serve in hospice. Sha says it was difficult to care for people in their final days, but she witnessed the tremendous impact a caring, patient presence had on those individuals. Sha’s clients in hospice care would ask to see her on her days off. Her presence was valued in this most critical time. 

The one-on-one time with her clients is what Sha values most. She says she’s learned a lot from the people she’s cared for: their histories and perspectives. She listens, forms a genuine connection, and her clients recognize that. 

Along with her passion for caregiving, Sha is an active blues singer. She developed a love for music as a child. Her father was a disc jockey, so she had access to a wealth of musical influences, as well as an early exposure to live music. She started singing and never stopped. Sha’s music is another way she shares her passion for life with the world.

It was a pivotal moment when Shandora Rice was needed to care for her parents. During that time she discovered what she was meant to do: offer love and compassion to those who need it. As a Comfort Keepers Caregiver, she gets to do that any time she’s with a client.

A real caregiver doesn’t just meet the medical needs of their clients. They understand that a personal connection is key to providing quality care. The work of a caregiver demands attention and real concern. 

One-on-one, personal in-home care enhances the health and wellbeing of our loved ones through routine social interaction and healthy activities. To learn more about Comfort Keepers in-home care, call our St. Louis office at 314-576-7000 or visit our contact page to send us a message.

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