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1215 Fern Ridge Parkway Suite 107, Saint Louis, Missouri 63141 Coronavirus update

A Client’s Perspective: What Comfort Keepers Means for Peggy

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Saint Louis, Missouri.

There’s No Place Like Peggy’s Home and Garden

Ask Peggy what her life is like at her senior community condo, and she’ll tell you about her friends and her garden. She’ll also let you in on her passion for decorating, as she loves personalizing her space. Describing her front yard she says, “My garden makes it clear where Peggy lives.”

Her sun-drenched yard features decorative grasses, beautiful flowers, and her choice of decorations including a small bronze statue of a boy with his dog. She’s comfortable where she is, and is able to lead this lifestyle in her 90’s thanks to her independent spirit and help from her Comfort Keepers Caregivers.

A Comfort Keepers client of 5 years and running, she describes how personal Caregivers help her in ways that make it possible for her to be more active and social. With a Caregiver present, Peggy knows she won’t miss anything on her calendar. Appointments, obligations, or visits take priority. If she needs to call her sons, her Caregiver reminds her and if she’s got free time, she likes to go shopping.

Social engagement is vital for keeping the mind active and healthy as we advance in age, and it simply makes us happier. Routine mealtime, conversation, and trips to the store are what Peggy loves most about her care with Comfort Keepers, showing that In-Home Senior Care results in more freedom when you’re working with the right Caregivers.

Superior Service that’s Easy to Recommend

Peggy knows finding a Caregiver that is a good match for her is important. Comfort Keepers worked with Peggy to find that match. “Finding a Caregiver who was a good fit, it was like finding a sister I never had! We’ve got a lot in common. She’s ideal. She’s family to me.” Interacting with the Comfort Keepers office has been a joy for Peggy. She appreciates the way they listen and care. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Peggy has kept up with friends using Zoom. When Peggy thinks a friend could benefit from Comfort Keepers’ services, she recommends them. A lot of her friends have had fewer options for outside activities since many places have closed due to COVID-19. She tells them that having a Comfort Keepers Caregiver can bring back a better level of activity and interaction to their lives.

Comfort Keepers in-Home Senior Care has been a blessing for Peggy and her Caregivers. She loves gardening and passing her knowledge on to those in her life, including her Caregivers. And in the winter, Peggy prepares impressive Christmas decorations, including a fully-ornamented Christmas tree. 

Peggy’s energy and creativity is thanks in part to the wonderful care she gets from Comfort Keepers. Having someone there for her to help her get around, complete obligations, and stay in touch with her friends makes all the difference in her life. With Comfort Keepers In-Home Senior Care, she is able to live in her 90’s well, in a community she loves and a space she can call her own.