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1918 N Kingshighway St #109, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 Coronavirus update

Starting the Conversation

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Start the Conversation On Home Health Service Options for Aging Loved Ones

How to introduce senior home health service plans

The topic of aging and home health service solutions is never an easy one to have. It suggests some loss of independence and that's always a difficult reality to accept. Still, it's better to start a dialog than to sweep these issues under the carpet. That said, there are right ways and inappropriate ways to have these discussions. The rest of this piece gives some useful pointers.

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The Right Timing Makes A Difference

People often put the conversation off convinced the time is not yet right. In reality, the time is always right to have a discussion about potential home health service solutions. In fact, the sooner you raise it the better. This way is easier than starting a dialog at the time an aging loved one needs support. It gives food for thought and time to prepare and weigh up all the various options. The senior also gets to have their say in the decision-making process while they're in good physical and mental health.

The Best Place To Have A Conversation

There are some places where people feel more comfortable than others. It's quite possible for the older person's home to be the perfect place to have this conversation. Or maybe they're more relaxed at a favorite eatery or some outdoor venue as two examples. The point is to choose the location for this conversation with care. The atmosphere can play a big role in how receptive the senior is. The location must also be somewhere that you and any other family members are at ease.

Who Starts The Dialogue Matters

Various family members may have different ideas and opinions on a home health service for their parent or close relative. It's vital to sort out any differences before broaching the subject. This is no time for heated debates or talking over each other. For this reason, it's wise to designate someone as the conversation starter and then let them get on with it uninterrupted. What follows usually depends on how successful the opening delivery was.

The Importance Of Family Support

The purpose of any home health service or general caregiving is not to take over from the family. Family support is crucial and any third-party help is there in addition to—not in place of—kin. You may want to include this point in the conversation. Support also means the whole family is on the same page and work together for the best interest of their aging parent or relative. It's not so much what we say but what we do and how we follow through that shows our real support in these situations.

Before The Conversation

It's easy to throw a topic out there for discussion but alone that's not enough. It's vital to have answers to any questions your loved one may have. This is why preparation before a conversation takes place is imperative. If you're unsure how to prepare then please get in touch. We're Comfort Keepers of Cape Girardeau, MO, and we have years of professional experience on all these matters.

Contact us at any time and one of our compassionate care coordinators will help guide you. Alternatively, we can arrange a free consultation in-home care if you'd prefer that approach.  You can reach us at (573) 208-4188.