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Fire Prevention

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Non Medical Home Care Services and Fire Prevention

Fires at home are always dangerous, but they can be even more dangerous for seniors. Slower reaction times, limited mobility and other problems mean that seniors have double the risk of being injured or killed in a house fire. Comfort Keepers home care specialist can help keep seniors safe at home and can improve fire safety around the home.

It is surprising to note that the elderly, particularly those aged above 65 years, account for 40% of the fire accident victims while they only form 10% of the entire population. As a company, Comfort Keepers non medical home care services feels that this is an issue that can be addressed by learning a few things about our senior loved ones that may put them at a heightened risk for a fire accident. 

Risk factors

Seniors tend to be predisposed to fire accident due to some factors that we will outline. Staffs who work for Comfort Keepers home care specialist understand that the elderly have a significant reduction in their physical and mental capabilities; this could interfere with their response in emergency situations. They also use their five senses to a less extent compared to other members in our society.

A remarkable increase in their reaction time could also be responsible for their vulnerable state. This has been linked to changes in the structure of corpus callosum as well as other neural components.

In many scenarios, it is not the elderly who are responsible for house fires. It is activities such as being less watchful while cooking, ignoring faulty electrical circuits, the use of greasy utensils and irresponsible smoking habits which lead to most of the house fires. Comfort Keepers non medical home care services advocates for a change in behavior that could lead to a reduction in the number of possibly avoidable fire accidents.

Tips on fire prevention & keeping safe during fire accidents

  • Use of smoke detectors; the use of smoke detectors is recommended for alerting you in case of looming fire disasters. They should be positioned appropriately for instance on ceilings, sleeping rooms and at least one needs to be in place for each floor as may apply.
  • Devise a plan of action; you need to have a simple and elaborate way of tackling a fire accident. This will range from the escape, the escape routes, walking aids and the means of containing a fire.
  • Correct the electrical circuit problems; electrical circuit faults should be corrected promptly as a precaution.
  • Take on more appropriate cooking habits; be keen in the kitchen to avoid fire accidents besides adopting the use of non-greasy utensils. Have an ABC fire extinguisher in your kitchen just in case.

Elderly Care at Home

Even with the increased safety risks that come from seniors living independently seniors are often much happier and healthier living at home. Non medical home care services for seniors can lower the risk of fire in your loved one’s home. Call us today to find out more about fire prevention for seniors and how adaptive safety devices and home care for seniors can keep seniors safe