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Customized In-Home Care Services and Solutions

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Holland, Michigan.

Customized Assisted Home Care Services in Holland, MI and Surrounding Areas

Our assisted home care services help improve your senior loved one’s minds in Holland, MI

Engaged Minds Stay Stronger, Much Longer

Time takes a toll on everyone’s mind eventually. Our seniors are affected by diminishing cognitive skills at a much faster rate. Our assisted home care services make sure that our senior clients maintain healthy routines that will help provide longevity, positivity, and strength to their cognitive well-being. 

Mental Benefits Are Increased When Seniors Stay Active

It is no surprise that keeping your senior loved ones physically active by means of small daily activities such as walks will help provide an array of mental benefits. Physical exercise directly correlates and helps to keep the mind sharp. Doctors believe that regular activity can help to push back the development of dementia. Studies have even tracked the health of women over the age of 65, keeping track of the number of blocks they walked on average and the decline in their mental abilities. Women who walked more had a much slower decline in their mental capacity.

Keeping Cognitive Abilities Strong with Mental Exercises

The brain is a muscle and in order to keep it strong and healthy, it needs to perform regular exercises. Research has shown that many common activities we wouldn’t consider help to slow the aging of our brain. These common activities include using the computer, creative crafts, sewing, baking, and playing board games. 

Our assisted home care providers work with our clients to make sure they have access to the many hobbies and activities they enjoy, and we will be there every step of the way to make sure they regularly practice these activities. 

Maintaining Social Relationships Helps Mentally and Emotionally

Loneliness can have negative and detrimental effects on senior mental agility and health. Studies have shown that interacting with others and socializing regularly will help bolster long-term memory. 

Many seniors face a lot of time alone due to the busy schedules of their close loved ones and caring for families. We make sure that through our unique assisted home care approach our clients are matched up with a caregiver who has a strong desire to create a strong and meaningful connection with their senior client. When hiring, we make sure all of our caregivers express compassion and friendship towards the ones they care for so we can build on their important socializing routines. 

Helping Seniors with Diminishing Mental Functions

Older individuals who are already seeing a significant decrease in mental capacity and ability can directly benefit from the assisted home care services we provide. We help with regular daily tasks that might now be a challenge for your loved one such as:

  • Reminders to take medications and eat on a regular basis
  • Take care of cooking and chores within the home
  • Performing errands and helping to drive them around
  • Helping to uplift their moods and spirits with activities and socialization

Having worked with many older adults with a disease like Alzheimer’s our professionals are experienced with provided much-needed assistance and recommendations for our clients based on their current lifestyles and ever-changing physical needs.