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42621 Garfield Rd #101b, Charter Twp of Clinton, Michigan 48038 Coronavirus update

Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

Senior Nutrition Made Easy With A Custom Home Health Care Services Plan in Clinton Township, MI

Your loved one can always have a meal that is filled with love and nutritional benefits

It is not uncommon for seniors to be on a restricted diet. A doctor or a nutritionist may include dietary needs in a wellness plan, which can include limits on what can be consumed, or in what quantities. It's not always easy to follow these recommendations properly, which is why our home health care services offer assistance when it comes to your loved one's diet. We can also provide meal prep and meal planning that meets nutritional needs or accommodates special dietary restrictions.

Our caregivers can help you properly manage your diet, so you can worry less about your meals and focus instead on enjoying life.

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Medication Makes Things Complicated

Different medications can have food restrictions or sensitivities associated with them, and physician-created nutrition plans typically account for these sensitivities. However, the timing of medication doses can be a critical part of a care plan. Timing can be a concern, especially if a senior is dealing with physical limitations or memory loss.

The assistance of a qualified caregiver is a great way to resolve some of these nutrition worries. Once your caregiver is up to speed on your medications, a plan can be crafted to provide you with tasty, nutritious, and compliant meals and meal planning. And, caregivers can provide medication reminders to help maintain a schedule provided by a physician as part of a care plan.

Calories and Convenience

Some seniors struggle with proper nutrition when living alone. For instance, a senior may find that moving around the kitchen and lifting heavy pots and pans is harder than it once was, and as a result, healthier home-cooked meals are too challenging. Instead, those meals may be substituted with fast food, packaged food, or simply less calorie consumption. It's important to consume enough calories and the right nutrients, especially for the elderly. Our home health care services will help keep you or your loved one organized and on the right track.

Professional Opinion

Comfort Keepers works hard to make sure the seniors we serve are getting the nutrition they need. That includes seeking out professional help from those in the diet and nutrition field, when necessary. Some nutritional challenges require a professional, experienced nutritionist to resolve. We have access to such knowledgeable individuals and can work to address all special dietary restrictions and nutrition needs.

Care That Helps Senior Do Instead of View

Our caregivers, we proudly call them our "Comfort Keepers" understand how lonely life can be as a senior. To be sure, they come to your home to help you with a wide range of homemaking and personal care services, but more importantly, they are also there to work with you on anything you are able to help with. This means if a meal needs to be prepared, our caregivers will work with you to get the job done rather than just doing it for you. This gives you both plenty of time to talk about things like family, friends, current events, or reminisce about the "good old days".

Reach out to Comfort Keepers to learn more about elderly nutrition needs and how we can help your situation with home health care services.

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