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Elder Care Services Including Fall Prevention in Damariscotta, ME and the Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers provides elder care in Damariscotta, ME

With younger adults falls mostly don’t result in serious injuries. However, when it comes to seniors, these accidents can lead to major health issues and, in the worst-case scenario, even death. This is why at Comfort Keepers Damariscotta, ME we offer a fall prevention plan that keeps our clients out of harm’s way. A lot of families believe that only large falls can cause serious damage. However, in the case of your aging loved one, even a small fall can have consequences. Only a trained eye can identify all the fall hazards in one home. Our elder care professionals can help turn your loved one’s home into a safe space where they can age comfortably for as long as possible.

Reviewing the Situation

A lot of times it can be tricky to identify all the fall hazards in one’s home. Sometimes it is something small and seemingly insignificant, such as a loose rug or bad lighting. Our elder care specialists will come to your loved one’s home for a thorough home assessment that includes checking every corner for features that can cause a fall. With help from our care providers your parent can avoid injuries and hospitalization.

Fall Risks and Injuries

Seniors are more likely to suffer injury from a fall than younger adults. This type of accident can lead to broken bones that take a long time to completely heal. Also, as a result of fall seniors may struggle with limited mobility which can cause further injuries. This is why here at Comfort Keepers we include information about the features of a home into our care plans.

Bathroom Safety for Seniors

One of the areas in your loved one’s home with the largest number of fall hazards is definitely the bathroom. When your parent takes a shower, the tiles on the floor can become slippery and lead to a fall. In addition, your loved one might find stepping in and out of their tub challenging. Our elder care providers can suggest installing a shower safety seat, a shower bar or a handrail if needed. They can also make sure that your loved one doesn’t keep electronic devices near the tub or the sink. Our caregivers will create a plan for how your parent can use the bathroom safely and therefore prevent accidents that could lead to hospitalization.

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